BBC Reports on the Deletion of Adult Instagram Accounts, and What You Can Do About It

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Recently the BBC had an article titled "why is Instagram deleting the accounts of hundreds of porn stars?"

The BBC is shedding light on something that many of you already know about personally. If you are in the adult entertainment business or a sex worker of any sort Instagram has you targeted.

From the BBC article,

Hundreds of porn stars and sex workers had their Instagram accounts deleted this year, and many say they're being held to a different standard than mainstream celebrities.

"I should be able to model my Instagram account on Sharon Stone or any other verified profile, but the reality is that doing that would get me deleted," says Alana Evans, president of the Adult Performers Actors Guild and one of the leading voices in the battle that adult stars are waging to stay on the platform.

Ms Evans' group has collected a list of more than 1,300 performers who claim that their accounts have been deleted by Instagram's content moderators for violations of the site's community standards, despite not showing any nudity or sex.

In this video I talk about the article and lay out several ideas on how to be an adult content creator or sex worker and work better within the Instagram community.

My article:

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Yeah. These platforms consider your behavior on OTHER platforms and the real world as to whether you can have an account. It’s capricious and arbitrary considering that these artists aren’t violating norma on the platform or even the platform’s own terms of service. Patreon and YouTube are guilty of this as well. It’s why I’m hopeful for Steem and LBRY.


I'm hopeful for those platforms too. I've been using DTube but those videos die so quick it's hard to build a following or a legacy on there.


True. I've reached out to the devs to try and get LBRY to load like they did for YouTube. LBRY's network is quite reliable so far. That, or you could seed your own DTube vids. For now, I use YouTube until DTube and LBRY integration improve.

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