Warhammer Vermintide 2 Beta Gameplay #1 ( Bardin Goreksson )

2년 전

Hello my steemit community,

I had a cold these couple of days so I have just been laying around and playing video games. I hope you will like this gameplay. Warhammer Vermintide is still in Beta version, but I love it.

▶️ DTube
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Thanks dear for sharing

Shouldn't you be studying doctor xD
Never got much into the whole warhammer universe, the only one i played and that i liked was warhammer total war 1, fully moded to make it even better, but the game got me very angry because my cpu and disk were slow so the load times took 5-10minutes... ain't nobody got time for that.
Vermintide looks pretty cool, might have to check that out when i have time to play it :)


hahha. I will be studying my whole life. I need a break from it ;P. Its a cool game for me, invest your steemit earnings into something good :)


I will be studying my whole life

Invest your money wisely so you can retire at the age of 40 and travel the world play games the whole day :P if you take the traveling the world route tell me and i'll join you :P


We have a deal :)