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I agree transacting in Bitcoin is way superior to Paypal MOST of the time. I'm also a big BTC holder and defintely believe in its long term potential, etc etc.

That said, I just want to point out that Paypal is better than Bitcoin for transferring money between domestic Paypal accounts (in the same currency). Just a few weeks ago, I wanted to pay a friend and I did it from my Paypal to theirs, the transaction went through instantly and there aren't any fees for that.


I (unfortunately) use Paypal a lot and I hate it. This past month has been horrible. I've had my money or other peoples money tied up in transactions for a week or longer. Transfering money from the bank to Paypal is slow, and vice versa. I can't wait til I can be rid of it for good. I buy and sell on eBay, so I don't know when that will be.


@brightguy - Totally concur with that, it's a love hate thing! As much as I echo Jeff Berwick and would love to see it replaced, it's just like fiat currencies....the way our economy (and in Paypal's case, ecommerce) runs right now, they are necessary evils. We'll still need to work with them until we hit that final tipping point into crypto. I've heard it's something like when 1% or 3% of the worlds' population uses it.

Also true that moving money back and forth between banks and Paypal is slow, I just meant that transferring money between PP accounts (or via Credit card with Paypal) is fast. Yep, I'm a big ebay guy too - former powerseller back in the day! :-)


wow . i never heard of such thing. i use paypal for many years ( about 10 ) and i never had a problem with them. Money goes through instantly, no delay no nothing. sorry to hear you have "issues" with it. :(


@agneslaczo What! I hope you are being sarcastic! You've really never heard of problems with Paypal??


no, i really haven't . is that bad ? :)


See my comment about the pros and cons of Paypal above @agneslaczo :)

I think the ultimate point - and in my opinion as well - is that Paypal isn't "terrible". It's actually really good at what it does. However, it can be thought of as the best of old, dot com era internet technology. Cryptos are Paypal 3.0. (Skipping the 2.0 ;) )

I think this is more or less along the lines of what @dahlsom said "PayPal has been around longer and uses a more familiar technology." ...would you agree with my above statement @dahlsom?


depends where you live......... Some countries like Indonesia.... its a nightmare..........


PayPal has been around longer and uses a more familiar technology. Give Cryptos some time and they will be able to do everything PayPal can do and more. Investing in PayPal is also separate from using it... where Bitcoin it's much the same. All users of Bitcoin are also investors (at least short term). It will be interesting to see which one wins in the long run.

Thanks to bitcoins, I went from starving to willingly starving


Thanks for sharing

Bitcoin is simply huge right now .Who knows what will happen tomorrow...


Thats the scary and awesome part too!


we are not the only ones scared, so is the government... lets hope it does not take a turn for the worse


I get the feeling that soon it will be risky to invest in bitcoin even though it appears not only safe but sky rocketing!
When is the drop gonna come..? Wait for it.... Wait for it...


it might be $15000 / BTC by the end of 2017


its a great experience for us to learn new things.

Thanks Jeff!

I think new Bitcoin users need to be made aware of the possibility of a Chain Death Spiral. If Bitcoin Cash becomes more profitable to mine than Bitcoin Core, and miners switch to mining Bitcoin Cash, then Core Bitcoin could become clogged with transactions with blocks taking longer and longer, which will make it less profitable, which forces more miners to switch, and the cycle worsens. In such a situation, it would become impossible to move your Bitcoin - you'd be stuck with a useless coin.

This can't happen to Bitcoin Cash because it has an emergency difficulty reduction mechanism built in if hashpower gets low.

It's definitely becoming big news let's hope in time it can take a few more coins with it ?

Yes the market cap is huge especially when compared to a year ago. Some people say Bitcoin is a bubble and over-priced, but in my opinion its just that people are finally catching up and becoming aware of its existence. Even institutions like banks and top tech firms haven't been aware of it until recently. Laura Shin writes for Forbes and has been doing great work for years, and just recently finally got a cover story. Also with all of the hard fork drama news outlets put out stories about bitcoin trying to put out a negative viewpoint about it because negativity is the only way they can get headlines. But this has only put more eyes on Bitcoin. One of the top searches on Google this month is "What is Bitcoin?"

So considering that "What is Bitcoin?" is the top search on Google this month there is no way that this is a bubble. People are catching up and finding out about this amazing tech that will revolutionize the world for sure. The recent influx of cash has been documented and can be seen on the market cap charts as proof.

In other words, more and more people are learning about Bitcoin, seeing what it is, and investing. There are a lot of crazy people out there, but a silent minority is smart enough to see a good thing and latch on to it.


Really enjoyed your comment - just followed! Had no idea "What is Bitcoin?" was the top search on Google this month. With its meteoric rice over the last couple months people keep waiting for another major correction, but as you say with all the "new money" coming into the market, that hasn't really happened yet. I still think it WILL happen, as it always does, because with all the new money coming in, the newbies will see it hit $5K or $6K (yes, that will probably happen in the next few months or by the end of this year at the latest), and then sell. I think it'll still keep rising for now though...and even if it does lose 30% it will come back stronger than ever as it always does.

I know I went off on a tangent there! Yes, let's stay in the "silent minority" and latch on... I think you and me both are here long term ;)


I'll vote for anyone named "Meatspoon"! :)


hahahah.. and what veggiespoon? ..veganspoon?

Love it! Its booming, and passing big names like PayPal, it forces people to see Bitcoin as a contender in the "real world" because a lot of people still look at it like monopoly money. When really at this point it has so much long term value than even USD.

Thanks to you my small investment is no up 3x
Thanks Jeff and Ed
Get it in thare!!!!
woot woot chicken chicken

I am so Glad that Jeff Berwick @dollarvigilante is going "All the Way UP"........Phuck you Ben Bernanke !!!

Awesome video, upvoted :)

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Paypal sucks.

  ·  3년 전

Compartimos el mismo pensamiento


why does paypal suck? i am really curious .


"why does paypal suck? i am really curious ."

Are you ( @agneslaczo ) serious?


You work for paypal don't you :)

If you will post all your videos here i will stop using youtube.

Bitcoin is here to stay and will rule the crypto world. Paypal et al will be history

@dollarvigilante $4,400.00 USD is great but it's NOTHING compared to the price that's coming.



no doubt

Brace yourselves for the correction when it hits $5,000! Profit takers will come out of the woodwork and plunge this puppy $1,000 or more! And of course when it starts falling fast the "Herd Animals" out there will follow all the way to the slaughter!

kicks back and waits for the slaughter

Just my 2 cents

As always I upvote/follow/restreem for those that do the same for me. Just don't spam my feed or will unfollow/mute.


I am waiting for a correction to get deeper into the Bitcoin space. Heavy on alts, but have price point is a bit high right now for Bitcoin.


@chefcryptoshark @crypto-ghost77 there definitely will be another major correction, the question is just when? Almost impossible to predict... if you believe Cliff High's predictions, he's set this at around $6700 or $6800. Personally I think it will be at least $6K until the next BIG drop. Sure it will correct a lot along the way there, losing a few hundred dollars here and there, but nothing drastic until then. Just my opinion :)

And in any case, no matter when it does have that next big 30 or 40% correction....long term is still bullish!! :D

The move to decentralization is happening right in front of our eyes.... Exciting Times!! :)


Decentralization or one world economy.....? :-0


Mass control, I was thinking the same thing many years ago. Illuminati Stuff haha


Exactly bro! One can't really know for sure until they get rid of fiat currencies, which will be point of no return in that regard


Until human beings realize how crucial being able to grow their own food is, we will remain in the danger zone. Community needs to become the currency of the future.

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I think it's gonna take a slight dip & readjust one more time but @ this rate by December I think we'll definitely be eyeing $6K - $8K BTC.

The amazing story continues unabated....but what people need to realize is that this rally is part of a wave which Sooner or later is going to correct itself. That should not discourage people and lead to speculations again. I have challenged in my blog that if one were to invest methodically in Bitcoin and some other selected crypto tokens in Aug 17and be patient with it till August 21, then you are bound to make a fortune beyond your imagination. These are exiting times and with a little patience and intelligence we can change our lives for good

Bitcoin is significantly superior to Paypal.

And the at some point in the in foreseeable future the $4,400 price for Bitcoin will be an all time low!

im loving how bitcoin soar that high.... thanks for sharing anyway

Really an important step. If news channels start to write about this stuff it will be like free advertising. People might start moving into bitcoin slowly and when the dollar shits there will be a massive influx I am thinking.

at 2:55 i was what??? at 3:10 i was dancing :D


Same here! LOL. That part should get its own upload. Hint hint @dollarvigilante

Hell yeah! I feel like it's been ages since Jeff posted a video.


totally, I've been checking almost every day for a new one :)

I see $ (ooops bitcoins) in everybody eyeballs LOL

You should talk about dtube on Youtube :D

Paypal is far away from BTC. As the song says "Nothing can touch me" and it applies to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin does have the largest network out there comparing to all the other cryptos.

261 upvotes in 53 minutes. Not bad. Quite a lot more than I get on my posts. :)

We have plenty of room for further gains.

Whatsoever, future still remains uncertain!

Dtube vs youtube? Just a search engine issue, and we are free.

Here's to Bitcoin 5000...

$5,000 BTC easily by the end of August. Glad to have you on Steemit and now dtube, can't wait when you make the dtube video, another game changer.

Wow.. BItcoin is the best payment in the future.. it's cheap and fast payment system

Is that Puerto Marquez, Acapulco on the background? Ha ha love Acapulco I usually go there 3 o 4 times a year. You should go to restaurante "Generosa" for some authentic "Pescado a la Talla" like this:


Bitcoin is straight to the moon and all the way up!

oh my lord, wish i was in it years ago

Hey thanks for turning me on to dtube! I am so glad I have a venue to post my videos on besides youtube and already a fan of cryptos! Excited to explore how dtube works

yeah and now btc is on high news of some chanels hope after some time all other note currencies will shootup and only digital currencies will stable in this world and btc also the father of other crypto currencies and hope it will go up like a rocket

I hope you but something what steemit news up too , it helps a lot of as :)

Upvoted your article rather interesting.Will follow you and upvote you as well just need a little help from you kindly upvote my article dedicated to my friend who has cancer @rogerblu thanks a million @dollarvigilante

Thanks for information Sir

I honestly didnt think Bitcoin would hit 3000$+ for a while.... Im looking forward to 10,000. 😏

Nice to see bitcoin powering higher and higher.At this rate it will be 100K per coin in a few years just as many people have been predicting.Imagine 1 satoshi being equal to 1 USD, its gonna happen but no one is sure just when this will be. Thank you @jeffberwick for being a strong bitcoin advocate for so long and for all videos you share with us. Upvoted and resteemed

Awesome post thanks ...upvoted and follow you !!

Paypal was a major innovation in regards to digitally transacting between businesses and their customers (and between friends and family) Bitcoin is just the next iteration along this path (with a WAY smaller transacting fee) #InCryptosWeTrust

BTW @dollarvigilante has BARS for days LOL...The next album is set to drop this fall


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Awesome in so many ways.

I keep thinking the pullback's going to happen soon, but I'm loosing my faith. Or gaining it, depending on the perspective. Thanks for another inspiring update.

I wish all alt coin kicked off by bitcoin. because without bitcoin they are nothing.

I am relatively new to steemit, and I hope can keep an open mind to the developments, and one day contribute knowledge on its future.

Hi... 💖💟💝💗💛💘💙💜💚

  ·  3년 전

Bitcoin is the best!

one of the biggest reason for such high increase in price is thanks to hackers asking ransom money in the form of Bitcoin which made bitcoin gain free advertising in many national and international television news channels.

  ·  3년 전

Wow thanks, newbie here. Such good information. This is great. Sooner or later a high income earner here at Steemit. Thumbs up for this!

Very interesting!

I really like your posts, I will always wait for the next posting,

While the Satellite has just been sent to space,

Bitcoin is already in Orbit

we would have become rich if we bought some btc almost a year back in september 2016

can i get a small loan of million dollars please :)

Very exciting!

Thank you for this helpful information brother

interesante tu post...te sigo suerte

you can't compare btc to paypal. you can't compare btc to anything. like saying the internet is like a typewriter lol

Thanks for the info Jeff.. have been following your page for quite some time..

1st video I ever watched on DTube! ;-) +1

TDV + Steemit + Dtube .... things are looking up ;-) +1

It's impressive the way it is growing bitcoin these days, but an early correction is predicted, what do you think about it? Or will he keep climbing steadily?

Great post Jeff,
Can't wait to never hear the word's Paypal or Facebook.
BTC can save the world if we don't split it into complete confusion. Another forking ahead?! with another Bitcoin, say What?!

Thank you for sharing

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Great to see that you started using dTube :-)

Excellent comment, I really like your work. I think it is very objective in the analysis and in what you want to convey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Today $4040, tomorrow the world. Great post!

Cryptocurrencies are changing tons of people lies! :)

@dollarvigilante In my opinion, It would be beneficial for paypal to partner with partner with many exchanges for the conversion of cryptocurrency to USD. Then eventually seg their way into their own blockchain and create their own digital currency. Otherwise, in the long term they will be left out in the cold especially since the China and the IMF will probably the first in on the technological revolution...

Paypal owning it again heh...

Paypal takes a lot of fee on my Ebay sales. I want crypto to kick their ass and get them off business in the future.

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