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THINK back to a different time. Looking out of a train window like the whole world was out there, flashing by.

No computer screens, no iPhones, just the sound of the train on the tracks, and the crickets in the fields. The wind blowing past the white pickets of the fences.

I recorded this track live on DLive the other day, and I had to hide some of the footage that got funky because of a bad connection. When I was looking for creative commons footage online, I stumbled across this haunting black and white footage from a few generations ago.

The song is called Coo Coo Bird, and I have another version of it on my DSound profile. Suffice to say, it's a great old tune. I recorded this through one mic, with no effects. The mic is a Blue Yeti.

Footage in this clip from the Prelinger Archives ([Small Town and Rural Landscape Viewed From Train] Creative Commons: https://archive.org/details/CLN-36-C-23-B)

We are alive.

I’m a proud member of #DTubeDaily @DTubeDaily

Kent Gustavson

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The movie... it's HD so I didn't think it was old until I saw the cars then I was intrigued.


Ha! True. Thanks for watching :)

Welcome to the comunity sir



Good music. Its an amazing post. Thanks for sharing.


I appreciate it!

Great song Kent I’m really into this sound and the scenes you showed fit it just perfectly. Did you caputre those by yourself?


Hey @liveyourdream / thanks! I have some footage from Germany on the train, but none like this :) The reference is above / there is a great archive of footage at the Internet Archive / that's where I got this.

Great song and love that vintage footage.


Cheers, man! It was funny. I only did it because I was all pixelated in the film. Thanks! By the way, I'll probably do a live stream at around 11 Eastern, if you are around :)

Good work Kent!


Thanks @retch ! Good to see you here. I still haven't gotten back to that live stream & the comments ... but I still will. Have a great day! I'll be streaming live later / probably around 11 Eastern Standard Time :)


It's a pitty that there a no apps for dlive, dtube etc. For dlive a notification on my phone would be fine :/.
See you


That is all coming soon! These are all super new apps on the blockchain. I can't wait to see where things are going @retch !

Oh Lord ☺️
You have an awesome voice man, really #nohomo 😂
Keep going man i‘d love to see some more of that man 👍🏼


Hi Baschau,

Vielen Dank! Ich freue mich, dass Du jetzt auch auf DTube bist :)

Cheers, mate!