Must see! Buenos Aires Argentina [First Dtube video]


Hi Everybody! this is my very first and exclusive Dtube video.

In this video I am going to talk about Buenos Aires and show you some impressions of what I have seen.

I just started on Steemit and found out about Dtube! I made a couple Blog Posts about my travels but never thought about using my Video material! So now I made my short first video to show you some impressions from Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires is the Capital of Argentina and with its 3 million inhabitant’s one of the largest cities in South America! The city is known for its rich cultural life and the European architecture. It also was the most visited city in South America.

What is there in Buenos Aires?

Good question! There is actually so much to do if you like some of those things:

  • Food
  • Nature
  • Culture
  • Architecture
  • Party
  • Awesome People

So there are different Neighbourhoods.


Palermo is a vivid place full of Bars and Restaurants. A party night at the famous Kika Club or a nice cold bear at The Temple Bar there is something for everyone. At daytime there are a lot of parks and green spaces to explore, or you walk through the streets and feel the Argentinian vibe.

La Boca

La Boca is a little bit outside of the city centre. It’s a trendy neighbourhood full of little restaurants and street artists, tango shows and much more. The streets are colourful and painted with street art.

There are much more things to see and like the Reserva Ecolócica de Buenos Aires a huge ‘’Park’’ to spend the day to see nature, plants, a river, a lake and much more.

I love to travel, to get to know new culture, people, food and places!

Thanks for watching my video and feel free to leave a comment or a thumps up!

Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life! Travel the World!


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Bring them on. 😊👍

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Hi David! Very nice video and thanks for your impressions! :-) I´m a little bit surprised about the beauty of the city. I also planned a south america tour, to see other places and having sun, not only grey skies...Have a nice sunday! :-)


Thanks for your help! So Argentina has a lot to offer, Buenos Aires is a beautiful city! Another City s called Mendoza, if you like nature and Malbec red wine this place is heaven. You will find a lot of vineyards and outdoor activities. And of course one of my favorit countries Colombia! Hope you will be able to do your trip soon! Nice sunday for you too!

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Hey David! Welcome to steem and dtube! Nice to have you here :)
I am super curious about your upcoming content mate!
Switzerland is small and I can understand your need for freedom and space :D

I like your shots and edit mate! and the background msuic is burning. I love jimi...
You got a new follower and I resteemed your post to tell my followers about your cool new channel!

Steem oooon!