What Environmental Activism Means to Me & How Hemp Can Save the World - Questions from Homesteader's Co-Op

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@SenorCoconut has asked me to answer 5 questions about my eco-conscious creation practices, environmentalism, and what inspires me. I thoroughly enjoyed answering these questions, and hope my answers inspire many of you to take the power back in your own hands to assist with the healing of our beautiful world. These questions were posed by the @HomesteadersCoOp - and are as follows:

  1. Tribe, Music, Earth Deeds, Gardening and I see a lot of art coming from you too. Can you tell us what drives you to create so much?

  2. Looking through your steemit blog one can see you care tremendously for our planet. In your store bio at homesteaders co-op, there’s mention of your products being created using the most eco-friendly processes available, can you explain to the audience why this is important to you please?

  3. I would like to talk a little bit about Earth deeds. It seems to be an initiative that can influence a lot of people to be more eco-friendly. Could you tell us about what “Earth Deeds” is to you? How did it come to fruition and perhaps what were your intentions when it all started?

  4. I’ve seen some wonderful “how to” videos on growing cannabis, you make it look easy. As the world is slowly getting out of thinking this topic is taboo, can you please inform us on how cannabis (under its many different forms) can change our world? What kind of environmental impact could it have?

  5. You’ve used the term “eco-conscious practitioner“, can you tell us what that is and how it reflects to your everyday life?


The following video includes an excerpt from the Hemperor's (Jack Herer) most famous publication: The Emperor Wears No Cloths, along with my answers, and a clip of live chem-trails in Oregon from 4/17/2019.

Click pic or link below to play

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To view my article that originally inspired #EarthDeeds
CLICK HERE for: How to Change the World by NOT Changing your Tire -
Teach You How to Plug it


Exerpt from The Emperor Wears No Cloths - referenced in the video

Blessings everyone & stay tuning into the right frequencies

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Hey thanks for the mention! I like that some of my questions made you giggle a bit... you do make growing cannabis look easy, and that was meant as a compliment 😁.

Thanks for answering all those questions... I'm trying to watch the other half of the video but right now Dtube's not working for me. I'll get back on it soon.

I like what you're talkin about so far and thanks for that natural vs low impact dye knowledge, it's very interesting.


There is so much to know which all helps us grow... and our plants haha. But seriously, the hemp revolution will save humanity's position on this planet - given enough time. So happy I was able to answer all these, and I do hope you get to see the rest of my video. Blessings!


That's why I love learning something everyday!

I was able to watch on my computer, but for some reason, it's not working on my phone all the time!

Thanks again, I know these questions are a little complex to answer so thanks for taling your time with them too.


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Great ethos you have. I am trying and it's hard to break from the societal norm and I not even normal haha. It's all a work in progress and seeing you efforts is something to work towards.

As for Hemp it is the future but very unknown the fact most people don't even know the difference in the UK. To grow it you here you have to pay massive license fees (£580) and even you don't have the freedom to use it without very strict regulation 💯🐒


Yea the stigma is unfortunate, but humanity has no choice but to readopt hemp as the norm if we want to continue inhabiting this planet long term.


I know I had a conversation with a colleague who didn't even realise Hemp was different from Cannabis. I always advised people to watch the Billion Dollar Crop old but very well done. We will succeed. I want to grow it and start making use of it but you can't get a licence if you live near a school, what the fuck is that about?! Anyways | will find a way. My old man is an architect and has just build a house out of Hempcrete so bonus to him 💯🐒