Momma Of All Trades - Momma Marketeer #5

27일 전

Hello SteemPeeps!

My CTP Weekly report has arrived!

Getting better at it I think :)

Let me know in the comments below if you would like me to add other things on the report that would be important to talk about!



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Thanks for a great video @elianaicgomes, and you are progressing nicely and consistently in CTP and CTPtalk, and great of you to show how the CTP platform works, that is very valuable to interested people, and really great that you get close to 5000 CTP staked, just to let you know, even though it's great to stake up all at once by saving some, you are missing out on some curation rewards in the meantime, thanks a lot for sharing, it's awesome.

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Yeah I know I'll be staking some soon just like to have some in handy when the IPN arrives 😋 Thank you Mister Awesome 🍀


Thanks @elianaicgomes, yeah that is a good thought, I hope it will arrive soon, stay awesome.

Thanks Eliana for a wonderful walk in the CTP park.

You have been a CTP member for only a few months yet you exhibit the skills and experience of a seasoned Pro. Well done, Eliana. Hey, I just checked out your CTP Profile page and came across the link to your first post on CTPtalk, and had to upvote that one.

What makes your contribution to our CTPtalk tribe and to Steem generally is that English is not your first language.


Thank you for you comment Ian! I am proud of myself for giving all this steps out of my comfort zone! Still a work in progress but getting there! And also helps practicing and improve my english! All the best 🍀

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