My Vlog Journey 2: Sublimely Beautiful Sunday - CNY Mood

3개월 전

Counting down... Just one more week... and it's Chinese New Year... Golden Rat Year... Many CNY events and activities happening around...

Yesterday after work, we went to a nearby event by the 8TV... yummy food, CNY shopping and awesome performance...

Today with this sublimely beautiful Sunday... ya, in conjunction with @c0ff33a and @ace108 challenges... I have edited this video...

Awesome singing, dancing, lion dancing and acrobatic performance... yup, four performances in one video... Just a short video... less than 3 minutes... I hope you will enjoy this...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Sunday!

If you are not familiar with these two themes, BeautifulSunday is initiated by @ace108 and you can check out other BeautifulSunday post HERE. Whereas SublimeSunday is initiated by @c0ff33a. Find more Sublime Sunday posts HERE.


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Some fancy moves there. Like their blue costume


Yea, my girls love their performance especially the little girl.

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