So Many People Leaving Steem + What Has Been Your Highlight on STEEM in 2019?

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I'm sure you guys have seen a couple of posts stating why people are leaving steem so far into the year. Very unfortunate but I can't help but wonder why. Recent one was by @tcpolymath which was rather heartbreaking considering he is one of those people that really guided me when I first began on here.

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DTube 0.9 was the high light XD @dtube

No more curation talk because of 50/50 was also nice, no more complaints

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Nothing major really but recently I’ve discovered the APPICS app and it’s just super amazing.

It looks really good. I actually thinks it’s the best looking blockchain app I’ve used so far. It’s helps me post pictures a lot easier giving me filters to make pics look better than they really are.

I’m just super impressed with the APPICS app though

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yes for sure a measure of concern. i am still here, but only casual more less, just too busy

I arrived in March, meaning HF21/22 came along just as I was getting traction on how to manage with #oldsteem. A lot of people who welcomed me here decided they weren't going to deal with #newsteem and the changes it entailed, and that is a source of sadness for me. However, I enjoy writing and interacting here, and took an entire book-length tale I wrote here and flipped it to Amazon -- I would have to say that THIS is my Steem highlight, readable here if you search Black, White, and RED All Over, part 1, and just follow the links! OR ...

black, white, red cover 6.jpg
... find it live on Amazon for your purchase and reading enjoyment

Let the people who want to fight, fight. It doesn't bother me. I'm here to game, write and learn new things which i can do on a daily basis. There is no point in getting worked up over the drama as it has been going on for the 2 years i have spend here. Just between different people. With a small userbase people tend to fall out more easily and when voting power comes into play it can get nasty fast. The change will be when we have a lot more users spread throughout hundreds of apps.

The whales won't be voting as they can earn passively and rewards will be a lot fairer when its driven by a million people voting with more equal shares. The huge accounts cause most of these problems but in a small group we run into them fairly often. I see it changing in the future and hopefully smt's can help with this.