Just When You Are About to Give Up,A Miracle Happens! Kpine is Back & Updates on My Road to Steemfest 2019!!!

2년 전

OMG Guys! :))

This Week has been such an emotional roller coaster. From ranting about Steem price to the CMC Drops to Now Being Hopeful to attend Steemfest AGain!

I was really hating the idea of having to power down in order to afford my flight ticket for Steemfest, & Guess What? Now I might Not Have to Because Kpine is Back! You guys have no idea how much that means to me. I was literally saying to @gtg I was going to step back from Steem & look for other ways to get extra income to make SF4 Happen When I got a visit from Kpine that same evening! If that is not God's work I don't know what is lol :D

Okay, maybe a little dramatic, but I cannot find any other, better way to express it.So, with that being said, I am going to have to work extra hard to earn that ticket. Luckily I have a few Steem friends who've offered accommodation for free while in BKK for SF, But I am still not yet decided.

My immediate thing to do right now is to push for my passport to be done on time from this very lazy gov't offices. It's such a nightmare. From there I can then look into the visa & book my flight! Hopefully by SEPT that should be done. Wish Me Luck Guys!

How are your Steemfest Plans Coming a long?

I have a testimony on this vlog, Watch it :D

Special Mentions & Thanks to-

@kpine @vortac @gtg @dtube <3

Happy Weekend! :)

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That is super great news. Where and when is Steemfest this year? My brother is super involved with steem, he is one of the co-founders of @steempeak and he went to Steemfest last year in Poland. Happy for you!


Who is your brother again? :D It's in Bangkok, I believe from the 6th of November :)
Checkout the #roadtosteemfest tag to keep up with the contests and those attending, hope you can make it :)

Good for you girl! I've seen the account before, but don't think I ever got a vote :(
At this point I'm not sure if I will be able to gather the funds.. but still staying hopeful..

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You know how my state has been girl. Thank you for the constant motivation. I think consistency will always be the key, keep on pushing, you never know when a supportive whale account may stumble on your page right? I am still fingers crossed for us to meet.


True :) Thank you for always smiling in every video :-) It's not that I gave up, I still believe I will get there somehow.. We must meet for sure ...

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Gingers Crossed for Us Both <3 :)

I'm in too, and miracles are happening, @elsiekjay. I know I will see you there. Stay on top of the passport people for sure, and I'm so happy @kpine found you. I wish I could make videos so he would find me, but I will have to keep working my (small) crowd :)


You were born a writer I'llgive you that. You do such a great job too. Fingers crossed on us finally meeting :) Going to start pushing for that passport hard this month.

Hey there, since you're using the tag #roadtosteemfest, are you joining the initiative I'm organizing every two weeks?


Sure, I Am. But I prefer to vlog it than write about it, maybe I'll do a mix of both next time.