Crypto Vlog (09) : How to invest in TipU bot" [lets Check it]


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Today's Content: Crypto Vlog
Topic Name: "How to invest in TipU bot" [lets Check it]

Topic Description:

In today's video, I am showing you a nice promotional service named "TipU". This is one of the best investment site or bot related to steem blockchain network.
If you invest here you will get arount 20 % ROI from your investments. There are several ways to invest in "TipU"

  • You can buy bots from its services by sending Steem or SBD.
  • You can deligate your SP to it, to get regular return for unlimited time which i have shown in this video.
  • You can buy TPU Token, to increase your SP and your deligation status or percentage.

Hope you will find this video useful. Let me know your suggestions in comment box so that i can improve my @dtube Vloging.
You know is a nice platform. I am loving it. I am spending much time here rather Youtube.

**Lots of Textile, Science, Earning related topics are coming in this channel. Stay tuned.
Thank you.

This is "Saiful's Classroom" by @engrsayful

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