Crypto Vlog (37) : What is SteemAuto? and How to use this service


Hi Friends,
Today's Content: Crypto Vlog (37)
Topic Name: What is SteemAuto? and How to use this service to get curation reward.

Topic Description:

Why Steem Auto:

In steem blockchain, there are two kinds of rewards. One is author reward and another one is curation reward. Curation reward is based on the voters contribution. There are a huge good content creator in steem blockchain. You may have trust on them. But for a single person like you, it is very touch to curate those each and every good contents. In that case you have a solution, that is steemauto.

What is Steem Auto:

Steem auto is a service which gets the instruction like to whom to vote, when to vote, how much to vote, how often to vote, how many times to vote; from any users. Thus according to the provided information, steemauto does its automatic operation on behalf of the steemauto users.

How to use Steemauto

You need to login first with steem connect. Then you should instruct. For this you have to change the setting parameters on its website. There are several services you may use form this nice steemauto platform. like

  • Fanbase (You can vote any of your friends automatically)
  • Curation Trail (You can curate when some other service curate)
  • Downvote trail, (You can downvote when some other downvote)
  • Active/Inactive setup (You can setup when not to be active in steemauto)
  • Voting percentage (You can choose fixed voting weight, or scale percentage)
  • TIme duration (How long to wait to curate, you can set this as well)
  • Auto claim Reward (You choose after how long, reward should be claimed automatically)
    There are a lots of user friendly services are available here like dashboard, upvote comment, schedule post etc.

So you may find this steem auto service very useful in your steem journey.

Hope you will have some good idea on this topic after watching this. Let me know your suggestions in comment box so that i can improve my @dtube Vloging.

You know is a nice platform. I am loving it. I am spending much time here rather Youtube.

Lots of Textile, Science, Earning related topics are coming in this channel. Stay tuned.
Thank you.

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