Alaska: crossing the arctic circle

2년 전


One of the coldest parts of the world. Rural, raw and wild. Alaska is cold, extremely cold. we travelled in January when the temperature's ranged from -29C to -34C in the day time alone.
We travelled from Fairbanks to Coldfoot by charter plane and by the famous Dalton Highway, then from Coldfoot to Cantwell, visiting the legendary Denali national park.
Our camera equipment stopped working after only a few minutes outside it was that cold. Some roads were unattainable and the Dalton highway was pure ice. We crossed the arctic circle at the coordinates of 65.8256° N, 144.0606° W. The world in the arctic is different. It’s brutal but also liberating. It makes you feel real, and very much alive.

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Júniús Meyvant - Signals

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