Vlog 392: Development in a bear market + Steem Proposal System ideas.

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Projects like Drug Wars show to me what's needed on Steem more.

Places to have fun! Places that can attract new users. Places that generate revenue by selling goods for profit.

Places I can show to investors where the money and value of STEEM is coming from.

It also shows why Fiat ramps are so important and I'm happy to see they are slowly popping up more and more.

It's great when people buy an Industrial Distillery in game for 10 STEEM, but it's even better when they can buy it with 3,5 USD from their credit card to STEEM first.

That's putting Fiat into the Steem eco system. Increasing its value.

We want more of that.

https://steemmonsters.com is of course the pioneer in this.

Other things I talk about in this vlog are the Steem Proposal System. I wrote about that here.

I am part of witness @blockbrothers.

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You had a lot to say today but it was interesting throughout. It's clear that this one is not for the up-votes, but to share, I like that.

I'll try to go in order.. Games and some fun is very welcome at present! Lots of serious talk and it's easy to forget this good reason to be here. @drugwars has exploded for sure, the top spenders so far:

More games, more fiat ramps, please!

It would be interesting to listen to @hightouch talk about his development of Drugwars and Fundition.io. His reasons for doing so, how much time, if he was living off cheap food as a dev being paid no salary, etc. Because you are right, the work was done without Worker Proposal, or Steem DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) as I think it is currently called.

I'm still siding (although less and less) towards something being required, but I find the 2 options on the blocktrades vote Post a little black and white. What about more inflation, what about a small slice off witness earnings (a token gesture would please the community?), what about a taking from the burned (early vote) steem, and downvotes...

The point still stands though, and apart from the points made by therealwolf, are we desperately needing Steem DAO?

I suspect that if the the original dev team could go back in time 3 years, they would code in another pool to collect funding for marketing, dev, 'keeping the lights on'. No-one would bat an eye-lid if this pool was there from the start, and author rewards, for example, were 20% less than they are today.

blockbrothers transparency, and lack of from most witnesses. I totally agree that it would be nice to have witnesses explain who they vote for and why. Honestly, I don't think they could come up with a valid reason for some of the votes - It's my alt witness account not being a valid reason! I have a list (that needs updating) on my profile stating reasons for the witnesses I vote, as I am proxy for 10 or so accounts. More of this would be nice, but yeah, I'm not holding my breath.

Alright man, you deserve a rest after that message - time to go raid some people's drugs?

Have a good one!


Thanks for your nice comment.

As you know I had a whole plan figured out last night to attack the top dawg drug lord but couldn't carry it out because I couldn't buy the units. I would probably be higher up the list if I could have :)

MY SPS stance is pretty simple. For as long as nobody can show a proposal that requires a SPS and makes me go...aaaa of course! That's why we need it. I don't see the point.

Again, I don't mind that it's being build, it's just another project on the chain and therefor it's non of my business.

But it will become everyone's business when it requires a Hard Fork and then there better be some good reasons.

I'm glad we as @blockbrothers are now 100% transparent about our witness votes. I wish more would follow. The latest list is here.


No worries :)

Have you seen the size of the top dogs now? - major unit buying going on!

That was nice of you to inform hightouch of the bug! I'm pretty sure some would have left it until it was spotted and reported. I've been hammered overnight, but at least you still earn from production.

A big decision to currently be decided by less than a dollar :/

Bear market? We are up over 20% this year my friend; let’s celebrate! LOL

Regarding the WPS, I do not consider failures a waste of Steem (money) as we should remember than 1 in 10 business ventures fail anyway. This is part if the adaptation process but without funding, many ideas cannot even come to light.

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You meant 9 out of 10 fail... usually it’s 100% depending how long lol

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Bear market? We are up over 20% this year my friend; let’s celebrate! LOL

That's true! I'll join you.

This is part if the adaptation process but without funding, many ideas cannot even come to light.

I have been asking for these Ideas, I have not received one. I don't consider it an unreasonable question to ask for some example proposals that can't be build today without an SPS.

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Like like me plz

I am still on the fence about Drug Wars. I think time will tell how I am going to feel about it. I like the idea of the passive income aspect. I spent about 20 Steem the other day ramping up my drug production. If I can recoup that Steem through rewards in five days I will be pretty happy, then anything beyond that is profit. I have a feeling as more people jump on my rewards will dwindle to nothing though.


I would just consider it a game. It's fun. I highly doubt it will be very profitable for anyone in the long run.

Good day @exyle! Your vlog really helps me clarify my thinking on this worker proposal thing. I kept reading and it didn't make sense, i kept coming back to the question 'but why?'i am glad i am not the only one! I thought i just was not understanding something, missing something. I didn't know the deal was done between Steemit and Blocktrades. You are right, it will be a good idea to keep an eye on this. I couldn't bring myself to vote for either proposal. I am glad you're having great fun with the new game! As always glad to connect via your blog. Have a fantastic day too!

Edit: i went over to a reply that @blocktrades made to me as i had some questions about their proposal and asked them 'why?' So hopefully we can have a little more light on the subject!

Two more things, have you heard of @homesteaderscoop? It's an awesome peer to peer community where ppl are sharing the fruits of their labour. I recently made a purchase and product review there's links and more info about the store in my blog post if you want to explore further. From little things, big things grow!!

Lastly, i wonder why I had to submit this edit twice? When i updated the post the first time, it was like the addition did not save. It happened once yesterday in a comment update too. But, has never happened before. I thought it was odd so that us why I am asking. Hopefully this saves! Thanks!!

It did not update! 3rd try


My intuition told me to take out the emoji's from my original comment, which i did, and it then updated 🤷‍♀️

Mark @exyle I am right with you on this Proposal Stuff. I am happy with the way things are right now and I really don't want to see any inflation creating more Steem Tokens if we don't need any of this proposal stuff.................

So now you're trying to also be a drug dealer :)))
Soon you start say it is time to take steemit in your hands. :))))

Hell yeah! The more use cases the better. I keep saying we need some sort of integrated games here on the platform much like what they implemented on Neopets where people could play games for Neopoints.

I propose a funding for stackin’ I’ll make a logo change for Steem and it will take me 2 years though. 😂

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exyle do you keep the buildings? like does the game carry on or just a 24 hour block. wondering how much to spend lol


You keep the buildings.

This should give you an idea, it's part of a longer shopping list.

Screenshot 2019-02-12 at 11.56.30.png

Wow Your vlog 312 has completed Realy I am impressed. Keep on dear friend @exyle

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Well its all about development and perfect example is binance they have grown even in this bear market tremendously steem is on the same path as well

Just don't forget that the users are bigger 'investors' then the 'money men' who don't invest time in the platform.
And those 'investors' don't really have the users in mind do they? They merely want to see profit. So from that perspective Steemit is not a good investment as the investment itself undermines the end users gain.
Specially the gain of the new users. A bit ironic.
I think it is time that steemit would look a bit more at the users as investors, and listen to them, what they need.

Greetings, exile

Really, I agree with your words. I'm playing Drugwars and it's a pretty cool game. Tomorrow I'll post about it on dtube.

The point I see here that I think is necessary is that we need to advertise all the dapps that are popping up here in the blockchaim, both to show them and to get people to know the blockchaim steem. Otherwise, there will only be people who already know the steemit within these dapps. We need to attract new people ....

Thank you and good evening!

Maybe it's hard to say but we as posters can also say ok mr witness you vote for this and we lose 20% of our pool you lose our vote? Despite all the good stuff you do on steem? I agree major whales can say ok this is going through it's not a good votesystem. I will check that new game. It's very short through the corner but it is reality.

I just signed in to @drugwars :) I love it... Thanks for the headsup !!

cool vid. wise words.