"A time for us", by Nino Rota / Cover by @filosbonus


Greetings, dear readers

Today I share with you this short video that I recorded and hung it on the "new" DTube, I'm still getting familiar with the "new platform". Although I also uploaded it to the youtube platform. I put the two links below, at the end of this post.

This piece was originally written by the great composer Nino Rota for the great (and recently deceased) filmmaker Franco Zefirelli. Specifically it was used as the love theme of the film "Romeo and Juliet". A true masterpiece, I love it. The Shakespeare tragedy has a force that still moves us, touching us in the most intimate corners of our psyche.

In this links you can find more information about this movie and its theme:



From the first time I heard it I was stunned. It's a simple but very beautiful melody. And, sorry, I know that my interpretation is not the best.

I've been studying flute in my music school for two years now. I'm 33 years old, I know I'm old enough to study music, but I want to continue learning and progressing, even if it's little by little. I think there is no age for music. It is very important that we enjoy it from the heart.

I am very grateful to my teachers, for their patience, especially to Urania and Ulises, because they cultivate this beautiful instrument that is the transverse flute.

Goodbye, I hope you enjoy it.

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Nice Cover @filosbonus
I am always a fan of flute, it's like the sound of people, it speaks the words not from the mind but from the heart...
And the piece you covered! I almost hear it everyday in my country national TV!
And every time I just close my eyes to drown in the magic of this song...
Thanks for sharing this beautiful song


Thank you @hgn66, I appreciate your comment! In my country it's the opposite situation, we almost never hear it in the media. How nice that music unites us because of the feelings it generates in our hearts, regardless of nationality... Greetings from Venezuela!


That's right... Artist should lead the countries... or maybe governments should learn some arts!

Hi filosbonus,

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Thank you very much, I really appreciate your support!

I have always LOVED this tune... since a very long time ago when I learned to play it on the piano as a girl. Your rendition is lovely, becomes it comes from the heart.

What made you choose the flute?

Starting to learn an instrument at ANY age is to be applauded - and simply enjoyed. If you perfect or master it, great. If not, still great - as long as your heart sings and your Being feels the music as you play.

Thoroughly enjoyed over here in Laos PDR today.


Hi,@artemislives, thanks. Those are beautiful words of encouragement, I really appreciate your comment! I choose the flute because there is a lot of baroque music composed fot it, especially Vivald's concert called "La notte", it is my dream to be able to play it in the future!


I adore Vivaldi (have a degree in classical music) and especially love Mozart's Concerto for Flute, Harp & Bassoon. So much beautiful music in the world!! Keep playing & being inspired.

ehy dear @filosbonus, your version is beautiful, sweet and harmonious !! I love it :-)) the flute is a beautiful instrument, have you studied music or are you self-taught? congratulations!! :-))


Hi @road2horizon, thankyou very much! I started to study it in a music school in 2017.

What a beautiful and peaceful melody, it's great to hear this kind of music in Steemit, you have a lot of talent friend!!


Hello, @iamsaray, I am grateful for your beautiful supporting words!

Congratulations @filosbonus!
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Hello, @arcange, that is great! Thank you very much!

Hai my friend,

Congratulations as you were saying you are not that familiar with DTube but still successfully done. Like I said some other times through response to the other people posts one of the most important aspect of steemit for me is to encourage, support and appreciate raw talent, And so I am here.

You had made an absolutely wonderful piece of music as I know flute is one of the most difficult instrument to learn and to become an expert apart from violin. Making a lovable Music with the flow of air depends on some holes is incredible I must say.

So I loved your music. Keep practicing and post more videos. There are people spread over many parts of the world to listen it and encourge you.

Cheers, Thank you

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Hello @angelro, I feel grateful and honoured by your comment! I will keep posting this kind of content.

Wow what a melody - I used to be in school band and I had flute instrument assigned to me, not sure of the reason. But i loved it, it reminded me of school days - looking at flute. You did so well here, congrats on your curie vote :)


Hi, @vibesforlife, thank you! I am just a beginner. I apreciate you shared that memory with me. You could try to play the flute again, It is never late to retake music.


yeah never too late, I just need to find a flute :)

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