Creating Problems Out Of Boredom

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Well, there you have it. The thumbnail says it all. Sometimes we make trouble out of nothing, just because we have nothing else going on. So out of boredom we give ourselves something to do.

Have you ever known someone, maybe it's you, that seem to have all of their crap together. Their house is in order. Their family is in order. Their cars are in order. Their jobs are in order. Somehow they always seem to have an attitude, or be in crisis mode sorting something out.

That is something that I have found with Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) and I. We are here on the farm in Northern Michigan. The setting is one of our favorite settings. The work is very enjoyable. The Inner Blocks project is going great. The family is amazing. Somehow though...there is always something to work through. Almost like the lack of a problem creates a void where chaos should be.

Maybe it is because we are all humans and that is part of the experience. Maybe it is about feeling like we have purpose, or that our lives are being spent actually doing something.

We spend every day piddling with our phones and doing things that don't actually require much from us. Maybe we fill our days up with piddling and then something at the core of us is actually screaming at us saying that it is not enough. Maybe our bodies and minds need something to do.

With the rapid advancements of technology we are seeing more and more people that are having to work less for everything that they have. The physical effort they expend to acquire the things in their life is pretty small. We see what is happening in the form of obesity rates and depression rates.

I can't help but think that in a life FULL of stuff, that we don't actually have ENOUGH to do. Maybe while we are doing something all day it isn't actually something that adds to our lives.

I am very encouraged by the show Little House On The Prairie. It seems like they all have too much going on to sit around and get in their own heads. They don't sit by the fire and stir up crap just so they have something to do. I also identify with this show because I have done it! I have bought land in the middle of nowhere. I have built my own house with my own hands. I have turned that land into a functioning homestead that took care of my family and animals.

I encourage you today to think about something you can actually DO. A hobby of sorts. Learning a new skill maybe, or even starting a small garden. The feeling of reward that comes through mastering a new skill or providing your own food is something that cannot be matched.

Don't let life slip by while you are being busy. Don't forget that life is awesome.

Be well
~The Yeti

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