YouTube Just Gave Steemit Another Opportunity By Censoring Gun Channels - Get Them Over To D.Tube!

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You remember the other month when YouTube started to demonetize the smaller guys creating content there? We got together and made as many of those content creators aware of Steemit and D.Tube.

Well, I am sure you are aware that they are now banning gun demonstration and similar videos.

As a firm believer in property laws and freedom, I agree that YouTube can have whatever content they want on their platform. This is how the free market works.

When one service provider FUCKS UP (like YouTube is doing) it creates the opportunity for the competitors to gain that market share...

Let's make that D.Tube and Steemit!

I have commented on numerous YouTube gun channels. My comment will probably just get overlooked as these guys have millions of subscribers. But if we ALL do it, they will see it. Some might be curious and sign up. Viewers might check out Steemit and D.Tube.

So go on and make these people aware of D.Tube!



Channel Link



Channel Link

The Yankee Marshal


Channel Link



Channel Link



Channel Link

Military Arms Channel

Military Arms Channel.png

Channel Link

Demolition Ranch

Demolition Ranch.png

Channel Link

Colion Noir

Colion Noir.png

Channel Link

Go& Recruit!

Spread the word. Leave comments about D.Tube! If there are too many comments about Steemit and D.Tube, it will not be ignored - they WILL go and check it out.

Hopefully they will stay and join our platform. The more users, the more demand for STEEM, the more STEEM will be worth.

I linked a few of the more popular channels, but if you know of others go ahead and tell those content creators about D.Tube as well. Then leave a comment below with their channel name so we can all go leave a message there.

Together we can show them what true crypto FREEDOM is all about.

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Thanks YouTube for this great opportunity! I love this effort you are starting especially for gun channels I watch most of the channels you have referenced above. Let's bring them over to D.Tube and Steemit! Upvoted and resteemed and will soon be upvoting and resteeming from @myhuntingfishing blog. Our growing community has a lot of freedom loving gun enthusiasts.


Awesome! Big upvote to you for the dual resteems!


Thank you!

People are tired of the censorship of the mainstream platforms. We don't like the feelings of powerlessness, knowing they could shut down our channel and remove our content.

It seems like the perfect time to recruit for @dtube and steemit.


Thanks for the resteem @tawasi - have a full upvote!

I ain't a gun person in the least. Never cared for the NRA but this is ridicolous. YT is trying to be way too political. They are going overbaord with this sh@t.

Thanks @getonthetrain. They are free to do what they want but we are free to bring over as many YTers as we can and criticize the hell out of YT.

Resteemed and Upvoted rabbit.gif


Thanks for the resteem Rob - Full upvote!

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Thanks a lot, bot!

Indeed an excellent oportunity for I think. And an excellent aim of youtube of shooting themselves in the foot...
I have been irritated more and more by youtube's behaviour trying to control all kinds of content creators. But lately they seem to increase the self harm.
In trying to become a utopia for a certain type of person, they turn themselves into the heaven and hell joke.
All the fun people will be (forced) somewhere else and in the end few people will have any reason to visit youtube...
At the moment they are still the de facto monopoly in town, the big disadvantage of starting on new platforms is fragmentation.
In the end I think this could help platforms like steemit and grow a lot! So I am actually not sad at all, but very annoyed.
Oh and resteemed!


I agree, they feel no fear as they know they are so much bigger than anyone else. But empires always fall eventually.

Time to start poking at their city walls.

Thanks for the resteem - full upvote! (Sorry it isn't as big, I had a very profitable delegation request come in)

Wow.. YouTube is getting crazier and crazier. How low they have sunk now.. Hopefully this brings more and more people over here though like you suggested!


Yeah, they appear to be showing their true colors. I know you were affected by the demonetization of smaller channels too.

Thanks for the resteem!

This is why i stopped using youtube... i don't like people filtering the content i should get, let me choose which content I want to watch! Who are they to tell me what i should or shouldn't watch? I don't have MASTERS! They are not my rulers or overlords! They blame video games and movies for the gun violence! I blame the parents and schools!! All my life I've been around games, and movies that have guns and violence, and I never, NEVER thought about getting a gun and killing someone, and i was a victim of bullying too when i was younger, but not even then i wanted to kill someone with a gun, don't blame videogames, don't blame the movies, blame the parents for not giving their kids an education, blame the parents for not seeing their kids were suffering, blame the school for allowing bullying to go on and actually providing a environment that predisposes bullying... Damn, i was even bullied by my PE teacher, he made fun of me because i couldn't run and i had no strength... instead of wanting to shoot the guy i wanted to prove that he was wrong, i joined a gym and since than i lost a lot of weight and i'm probably one of the strongest guys in my gym, i can run for a long ass time!
I don't have a youtube account but i would definitly join up on the recruting if i had one, one of my favorite YouTubers is FPSrussia, he liked to blow things up with guns xD if you don't mind go and tell him too to come to this platform :)


Oh man, great rant. I agree, it is never the guns - it is the mental weakness or strength of the person behind it. Just like the car is not responsible for killing children, the bad or drunk driver is.

If someone pushed another off a tall building and they die do we blame gravity? No, it is always the person who does the action.

Oh, and FPSrussia hasn't made a video in at least a year or two now.

seriously youtube kicked me out of monetization for not having 1000 subscribers and 10k views. really I feel happy because of "Dtube and steemit".


You found a new home now. :D

The opportunity to bring people from YouTube to the blockchain of Steemit is quite large, they not only ban guns channels but almost anything they don't like, and many channels are being demonetized for no apparent reason, I think YT is going through a crisis and that can be exploited, the best is to spread the word.


I don't think it will stop here either. Anything the freedom-hating people think is bad is in danger.


That's true. Although in Steemit censorship is a problem and on YouTube a goal.

I do also tell my friends to join steemit and stop wasting time in their personal blogs. YouTube users should also do so and join the decentralised world.


Personal blogs do have merit. You can publish your steemit posts and maybe build up some passive income.

I have to wonder if youtube is going to go after the Forgotten Weapons channel...maybe they already have...


Hey, YouTube has shown that they will use their powers to please the whiners and the rest that don't know about freedom. Anything 'bad' in their eyes must never be known!

Yes dtube is the real deal... Great choice.. And happy weekend 😎🙏

When YouTube announced it's latest antigun assault, my first thought was "blockchain."


Blockchain is the answer to censorship.

Maybe we can get there subs to also check out steemit


Exactly - not only will the channel owner see, other people will see the comments.