Zap 1 , How does good content mean ?

3년 전

hello @dtube, everyone's greetings, continue to be excited and keep on fighting for the benefit of @dtube.

this is my activity today, this is also the video connection yesterday, I'm a little talking about zap. greetings to the large family777 family, linkseven77.

on this occasion I would like to ask, how do you mean the good contest that @dtube always calls for? please help me about this.

I saw like my video yesterday that I talked about the growth of @dtube with a large family of linkseven77, what is lacking, the description is there.

but I thank Mr, professor @nathanmars (as the carrier of the dtube revolution for a better direction) and continue to support us to survive here?


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mantap adun @good-darma.

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