Black Orpheus — Jazz Guitar with Improvisation


Black Orpheus is one of my favorite jazz themes. I played the theme and pleasant improvisation, and then returned to the theme again.

This improvisation was recorded as part of my #ImprovizChallenge.
You can participate in the challenge as well. Use the tag #improvizchallenge!

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Nice job...I'm in real-life work hell at the moment but will have some time over Christmas to work on this...Cheers!


Thank you so much! What's your work? )

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This was my summer hell project:
And this is my winter hell project:

House painter:)


Oh... Wow! I really like white color!
My dream is a white room with a mattress in the corner is all. Minimalism. In white space I think easily.

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Heeey what a rly nice impro to this nice song man. I rly enjoyed listening to it :)


Ahh and by the way: Are you coming to Hamburg next year to the Your name sounds italian aaaaand @lorenzopistolesi will come as well and he will play a 1h live act for us. Aaaaaaand he is still searching for a bass player (if I remember right you are also playing bass (?) ) so you would fit perfectly if all my assumtions are correct! :D

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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