Life and Homeopathy Treatment || Do you have any Experience?

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Hello Friends,

I've been suffering from allergies for several days, and then at the suggestion of my office boss, I started taking homeopathy medication. However, due to the winter, the prevalence of allergic diseases in our society increases. Do you have any experience?

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Guess when it comes to allergies food is my number one choice for prevention.

p.s i'd appreciate your review on my fitness content

Hi @hafizullah
I have been dealing with homeopathy and my family for 25 years.
My oldest son convulsed and took very strong drugs, but when I was 6 years old I started treating him with homeopathy and his seizures and nervous tics disappeared completely.
Of course improve in your allergies by eliminating foods such as wheat, oats and milk.
Reheated foods, especially rice produce many stamines that increase allergies.
In the last year I have improved a lot (to the point of not getting sick) practicing the Wim Hof method