STATE OF THE DAPPS REPORT 08.11.2019 | talk#244


Hi family.

So today, 08/11/2019 I will bring you today's report of THE STATE OF THE DAPPS -
Today in total there are 2101(-36 Dapps) Dapps on 10 different blockchains available.
Let's get into the numbers!

Here are the STEEM Dapps in the Top 50:

Steemit: - @steemit
SteemMonsters: - @steemmonsters
NextColony: - @nextcolony - @dtube
Partiko: - @partiko
SportTalkSocial: - @
Busy: -
eSteem: - @esteemapp
Actifit: - @actifit
Steemhunt: - @steemhunt

Standing of @dtube in the ranking: #30

Here the charts about active users: daily 132 transactions: daily 198

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day.

Love from Barcelona

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Thanks for a great video @hauptmann, and really nice to see Appics moving up, I have been using it quite a bit lately, too bad about Dtube losing ground, I think they need to get their DTC going to reverse that, have an awesome weekend.