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Hi family.
Today I want to talk about automated upvotes and what they do to us content creators.
Or course it is amazing to receive these upvotes on every single post, but what effect does it have on the content?
Are we still ourselves if we are trying to get as many outcomes as possible on our posts?
It is not my intention to judge anyone, this is just something I discovered lately and I would like to hear your opinion on that topic.
So please, the discussion in my comment-field is open!
Thank you for watching, have a wonderful day!

Greetings from Barcelona

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Thank you htliao for tipuing me. Highly appreciated, best greetings from Barcelona

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Thanks for a great video @hauptmann, and you do bring up a very important subject here, though from a very different perspective than I anticipated when I saw the title, in my opinion the paid upvotes are there to give incentive to create great things, great things that we are passionate about, but the content always has to come first the rewards are secondary, and if you don't treat it as such you will just create content for the sake of getting paid.

Nothing wrong with getting paid, we all need money and it is a great incentive, but if we take what we are passionate about and create great content from that, then the rewards are just a great bonus that we get for doing what we would otherwise be doing anyways.

Well done, it's awesome.

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