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ofcourse hodl

Scam?... aren't we passed all that.

I have cried from laughter about 3 times today just from watching your videos 🤣

I wanted to mention - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REGISTER YOUR EOS! Binance and some other exchanges will support the token swap but you'll not get the free airdrops if not wallet you control.

I am predicting a massive short term spike in the price of EOS next three weeks. EOS tokens will be frozen but you can still trade them. This means most of supply will be unavailable to trade, where only 30% or less of all EOS will be available to sell. Taking this much supply off the markets could mean a run in price if big whales put in large block orders. Its very easy to push prices up when most of supply is locked up.


It is also easy to push it down, i can imagine a lot of FUD between 1st of June and launch, interesting weeks to come for sure. I see big hike at launch, all these checkboxes and registration + fact that nothing was there yet kept many non-techies away.
EOS is the superman of blockchain we have been waiting for, the saviour that will accelerate everything, yummie :-)

A millisecond is one thousandth of an actual WHOLE second.
Something like light speed or speed of sound...

HODL! EOS is the future! ;)

@hodgetwins I know EOS is going to be makin' All Kindz A Gainz...........

I have some EOS that gain thousand percent already from the time I buy which is at below 50 cents.

Dan Larimer and his EOS blockchain team after the REKT


@tokoya why are you using Steem if you don't believe in delegated proof of stake? It's same consensus.


Pass.. I think it will tank. Team will not delivery.

😀 cool)))!!!

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

Bitcoin to the Moon :) I love to hodl EOS as well, all kind of gainzz!

ms = 1 s / 1000, Faaaaast!

Upvoted and resteemed!

No, they are just tokens. Registering tokens is a pain in the arse, which is why I sold mine for Steem, but I know plenty of people who have EOS registered just in time for it to be a legit coin.

A millisecond is a 1000th of a second.


EOS is actually a half second block time but yes 100K tps confirmed once EOS goes live.