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Haha yeah I am eating tons of bananas and berries :D I fell in love with bananas and slowly I am asking if it is rude to eat them ... ^^#

What kind of seeds did you put into that and what milk? Hafermilch?

It looked super delicious man!



Tranks! I put hempseeds in it and Haferdrink, but you can usw. and ‚milk‘ you want!

Btw: I would call that #awesomediycontent ;)


It’s my first, no second post, thanks for the hint!


Haha nono It was not a hint - it was to trigger @diytube to upvote your post ;) (see some comments below)

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Ok, anyways, Glas you like it and Call it #awesomediycontent! 😅


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