Let's Give Some Praise To The Actifit Team!


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A project with tons of potential!

If you haven't heard of @actifit and how much of a game changer it is don't worry, you will.

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Definitely they are keeping steemians healthy and fit on the go with motivation


So many great use cases for Steem. Hopefully we can properly get the word out about Steem and actifit as well.

@humanearl, I am travelling with Actifit from initial days and i post Actifit report regularly. And it's the first project which brought real value to it's Tokens by Exchange Option with Steem Upvote.

And i am really excited for the future journey because, not just about the Actifit overall Steem Journey is becoming so much interesting.

Have a blessful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thanks brother I agree. I'm really excited to see what other ways actifit can be used in the future.


Welcome and let's wait and see what unfolds in future.

@humanearl, I know @actifit is a game changer Dapp running on Steem blockchain. It improves our fitness abilities through different kind of daily activities. I'm attending with actifit daily through #seven77 twitter movement an initiative @nathanmars.


Yepp. I see your videos sometimes on twitter haha. Keep it up friend!

Wow, thank you for such an amazing video, beautiful and heart-warming words !


Man great to hear from you again brother! I'm glad to see so many people loving what's going on. Just trying to show support. Thanks again for all you do man.

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