What's with you?

2년 전

Welcome to the second episode of "Just my really irrelevant but honest opinion"!

In this video I am asking for your personal stories & I am complaining again - this time about the topics here on dtube.

Thanks for watching and for all your stories / questions and thoughts you will hopefully share in the comments!

See you later you freaks!

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Do you really follow 0 ppl since the new DTube 0.9 release? Your profile is telling 0.
Well, there'd be nothing wrong if Steemians talk about Blockchain topics on a blockchain Video Platform. I guess what is unnecessary, are the summerys of summerys of summerys on tiny Steem updates that we all have seen in the past. But then again, that is how news work often.


Hey pal! Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts on this :)
First of all: This is my 2nd account: @tibfox where I am following a few more people :P

Yeah you are right. Its nothing wong about it - everyone can share whatever he/she wants to ;)
but for me personally this is not the type of content I am excited about and you will never see me watching a video about the HF21 or some dapps or whatever except the news are from the project itself ;)

Greetings from Hamburg!



Today a lot of Steemians went on small rants, showing frustration and disappointment. We should not twist our heads around our expectations and then turn sour. Especially the ones who are one the chain since the first years. You look and speak like Aliens to others. Revisiting Steem Basics is never a bad thing, even if it might bore some of us.

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Hi friend.
I am Maria Garcia from Venezuela.
@mariita52 in steemit
I am 53 years old and I live with my husband.
My three children are already adults.

I turned a year at Steemit.
Steemit was a refuge for me and still is.

I don't speak English so I love that I can put the translator in the video if it's from Yotube.
Right now I am trying to develop myself as a curator so I follow Curie's healing path.

I found you participating in the Dcontest curatorship.
I like your videos and thanks for asking.
Stay great!

Yeah I think you are on to it for sure. I like to learn about the people I follow. All the other stuff is basically like props, the good part is learning what they think, how they live their life. Well at least for me, and that is the kind of vids I make. All kinds of random stuff but the one thing that is in all of them is ME. How I think, feel, live. I try to keep it real, if I am happy sad, glad, mad, even sick as I have been lol. I mean when in the hospital, what better time to blog you know lol.