Learn Indonesian language | Start of my challenge

4개월 전

Hello everybody !

Today is the start of my 3 week indonesian learning, I’ve been learning Indonesian for 2 months and now I want to go a little bit faster in my learning.

My current level is around A1 I can understand very basic conversations and words. My goal is the A2+.

I also do that challenge because I will have a conversation with an Indonesian native speaker at the end of august so I have to learn !

Ressources :

  • Duolingo
  • Clozemaster
  • Bahasa Indonesia book one (periplus edition)
  • Youtube ( doraemon )
  • Musics and songs

Method :

Focus on 1 specific thing each week.

Week 1 : Focus on listening and recognizing the words ( main resource : Youtube )
Week 2 : Focus on grammar and prefixes, suffixes ( main ressurce : Indonesian book )
Week 3 : Focus on output so writing and speaking a lot ! ( main resource : Youtube, Apps )

I will also do 1 video a week to recap what I’ve learn and track my progress.

Thanks for watching, Sampai jumpa

#learnindonesian #learnbahasaindonesia #indonesian

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