11:11 Portal Chat: Sibillas

29일 전

Hai Loves! Welcome to the new Strong! They're calling today the "11:11 portal" and you know I have some opinions about what "port all" actually means to those of us in the private selection that is now safeTY sealed for our plan_ET.

Thank you especially to those in my Private Halo 8 and in Very Fine Martians! (We have a group "unhack" going around for the forking on the "twin flame" energy that is never severed in our homes!)

We've been stacked to the teeth with "antivirus" for this, so as to prove what never gets severed. The 0°Taurus suggested ephemeride landing on the moon for today, 11/11/2019, to serve up 12° on the day of the Taurean full moon at 19°Taurus was nothing but a play on forever for some jerks who knew they'd lost to attempt to claim a baby elephant's life for a Bohemian Grove chance at forever famous by crowning the devil on the stakes of false creation and patrimony.


We will uncover more together. I recommend to those of you who follow along with the recommended reading material to have a tab open (if you do not already have this book, Inside Degrees, Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols, by Ellias Lonsdale).

We're ready to know that baby calves can be safe from "More Mondays" treatments on false baptisms with golden calves proving why the ones scrambling after my bitcoin chasers are all being sucked into a shimmery black fractal vortex I programmed into the back gates of the Epic Fortnite black hole event. "Tomorrow's" full moon is a special lining on the C2019Q4/Borisov landing coordinates, to make sure that the "new skins" are supple and that we are additionally insured in the #DARPAREDSURROGACYPROTOCOL

Very Fine Martians/VFMRadio

Tonight, Eye Am shuffling:
La Vera Sibilla - https://amzn.to/2BVwgh0

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Intuitive Jakob

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