Join the Dtube Forum Live! Steemfest announced [Dtube Inspiration]

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In this video i talk about the Dtube Forum. Why i was not able to attend and thats it nothing to worry about. you can attend the Forum through a livestream.
aaand, Steemfest location and date has been announced. excinting!

[this is a dtube prerelease video, right now only available here on Dtube! probably this video is going to be posted on other video platforms but for now only available here.]

What i realized

"This world has more to offer than we can explore in a lifetime.", so what are you waiting for? go out there and explore this beautiful planet.

How to Travel?

From travelling on low budget to staying in luxury resorts i share all my hacks, tips and tricks in this series.
I've divided it into three sections:

  1. Plan & Book
  2. Travel & Experience
  3. Capture

What do you want to know about travel?
Here i teach you some skills i learned after travelling for 3 years to different countries and continents. This should be interactive, if you have any question or something is not clear enough, place it in the comments. Perhaps ill even cover the topic in a video.

The How to travel index

Learn more

about the Perfspots travel project here:


Support me and my project.
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Thank you! I really appreciate every support, no matter how small it is.


here i book flights:
here i book hotels:
more links:

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Are you coming to SF4? Finally we’ll meet! ❤️🙏

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Im really looking foreward to be there! so you guys already planed your trip? thats gonna be an epic meetup


Yes! Well we didnt plan it but BKK is close so we are going for sure! Soon we are off to Philippines to build a small hotel and will spend our time there until SF4! If Philippines are in your plan - come visit! 🤞🏻 if not, we gotta meet u in sf4! We asked you already but lost the answer somewhere, where are you now? :p

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