SOLD part of EOS made £1000 profit

3년 전

Hello guys,

Bought EOS 2 weeks ago for price of £6 and week later price was £15, I noticed more then x2 grow and decided to sell part and make £1000 profit. I also trade this for Bitcoin, at that time price of 1 bitcoin was £6700 today £7100 so thats another little grow of capital.

This was my first successful trading experience. So I happy to share this with you guys. As you know I am personal trainer, who earn most of my money providing 1 x 1 training for people, but also last 9 month I was slowly slowly studying about crypto and trading.

This deal what was made last week gave me motivation to continue even more get my interest into crypto.

2-nd of June EOS going for launching their product and platform will be separated from Etherium platform to became separate unit. Fingercross all goes well with EOS and it will be nice system with a lot of upcoming exciting project built independently on their own innovative technology.

Also fingercross we will see EOS price smashing the sky! What is your guys opinion on EOS ? Do you believe in this platform! Looks like this project definitely something to look for!!!

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EOS has an amazing future. Hopefully the launch will go well then the sky is the limit. Ethereum started out worth next to nothing (you could get 2000 per btc in the presale and btc was worth a couple of hundred dollars) and look at it now.

Don’t forget to claim your EOSDAC tokens if you held EOS during the snapshot earlier this month.


Thank you for information! I didnt know what is EOSDAC, Need to find out!


EOSDAC are a proposed block producer on the EOS block chain. If you held EOS on 15 April you receive one for one EOSDAC tokens which pay a proportion of their rewards (like mining rewards).
More info here:

so proud of you!! well done :) you did so well, just keep doing what you doing and we will see more gains hopefully! :) I think its time to buy eos again! )


Sure. I Support this


Thank you Alla! Fingercross more lucky trades to come:))

EOS is one of the projects that i missed but luckily i gained a lot of knowledge about ICO Investing and that makes me 5-10x my Investment most of the time so you should also learn that buddy. And congratulations on your first successful Trade.


Great research! Looking forward for more exciting projects with more X to make


Hahah sure 😃

Congratulations. The truth is cryptos can make you rich sooner than you think. I also bought the same token at 7 - 8$ and I will hodl till near eternity 😂. Wanna hodl till end of 2019...

@eurogee of @euronation community


That's might be good idea, I also holding rest of them and what ever will happen let's happen


Sure! Let the world be set aflame, thou shalt continue to hold unto thy precious eos!


Thank you!

YES BRO! haha. Mind It's important to lock in some profits. I did something similar with Litecoin. Well done bro.


I feel like it is good strategy lock profit, return investment and play with remaining

Good job! I jumped into EOS when it was around $9 per coin. Looking forward to its future growth. It made a nice jump last week, and although it's at the correction stage right now, we are still going to see it taking new heights.


Yes let's see what will happen after launching and after Consensus

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Great job mate, I am glad that you achieved a decent profit! I wish to get bigger on Steemit in some time after I finish high school! :D