The Blind Kid and His Brother

2년 전

As I was in a car going to work early this week, I saw this two kids across the street of adum in Kumasi Ghana, one of our biggest city. This kids were holding hands but later I saw one was helping one to walk. They are at same age, well maybe twins. I look at them closely and took my phone to record them.
They once show up in front of my shop where I work to beg for money, It touch my heart the very first day I saw them. I give them something small, then I get to realise one is having eye problem which has cause him blind. So the other brother help him to roam about. I m not sure about their parents but I believe they may not have that is why they are on the street begging to survive. One thing I like about them twice I have see them is there always wear same cloth, always Jersey and same number. What a close brothers. I Wish I can surprise them this Christmas. Help the needy where every you find yourself of you can. Thanks for watching and reading.

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