Why I love steemit

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Day 1/777
#seven77 push up challenge
I love Steemit and it's mainly because of the core system that is working in the background. There is currently no competitor that is like Steemit at the current moment.
@Willspatrick22 thank you for inviting me.

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You're welcome bro @jajafresh
Meet @nathanmars, the person leading the STEEM twitter awareness.
Thanks for being part of this family.

Great work, 💪💪💪carry on bro

Super awesome to be part of #Seven77 too. Let us pushups the price and Steem on.

Welcome dude nice video you put up, make sure you put it up on twitter

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Welcome to the Family @jajafresh
Together let's push up Steem to the Moon

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Welcome to the lovely family😊

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Welcome onboard bro
Let's together push steem to $7.77

♥♥ for you, for join #seven77 challenges

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Awesome. Keep up the good work. Keep pushing seven77 for steem. 👍🎶

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