DTube Video Ad #1 for YouTube!

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Will we fund our first DTube video advertising campaign on YouTube because the rewards will be spent on ads placed with Google AdWords for video which is how we make YouTube ads? The total will equal the author rewards payout minus 25% which DTube receives first meaning all that I receive will be added to the advertising budget below!

How many new users will we convert to DTube after YouTubers see that DTube accepts any upload and all videos can be watched with no ads AND earning is as easy as getting upvotes? For every $1 we fund in this post, we can expect to reach 100 to 200 viewers on YouTube with the great news about DTube! Watch the video for the ad uploaded first to DTube and then to YouTube and Facebook next!

Watch DTube Video Ad #1 for YouTube! video on DTube

Review the budget from all of our advertising campaigns together so far at https://airtable.com/shrXuoYTnODWA0QG1 which also shows individual contributions!

The video is now live on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jbanfield/videos/1531765216843649/ and YouTube at

If you would like me to do a post like this raising funding for Facebook ads, would you please request that in the comments because then I will know that is a good idea in addition to doing YouTube ads?

Jerry Banfield

PS: Witness votes are the most powerful votes we make on Steem because one vote for a witness lasts indefinitely! Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at https://steemit.com/~witnesses because when we make our votes, we feel in control of our future together?

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Jerry, thanks for your post; you bring up some interesting points.

I have a few questions about dtube capabilities, so I have posted about it here.


Hey Jerry. Love the idea, but maybe we should give DTube at least a few months or so to get geared up. I think a campaign to fund @heimindanger full time for his project might be a better use of resources. I would hate to see DTube overloaded in the first few weeks.


Robert yes we would all love to see a growth project get funded for DTube! Thank you for contributing to the ads with your upvote!

Your comment here has guided me to make the ads to spend $5 a day for now which will reach a few thousand people a day on YouTube. For reference, I usually started the other campaigns around $20 to $100 a day. A $5 a day budget on YouTube will ensure we do not have a sudden overflow from users seeing the ads while providing a consistent influx of new users each day that will hopefully begin using DTube over the next few months slowly at first and then more and more. By the time the new users are really excited and inviting friends and family, DTube will then be in a better position for higher traffic levels!


Great. This seems like a good compromise. Steady inflows until Steemit and DTube can scale up.


Excited to see how this does @jerrybanfield - please keep us updated!



I agree. The platform and server space needs to be capable of a huge influx of users and of storage space. We don't want an Obamacare 2.0 haha


You make a good point my friend, I think so too


I was thinking the same the thing. I think it's too soon.


Can someone please explain what is the difference of using DTube?, does it use our steempower?, because is yes then why would I use the site?, People complain about Youtube and ads but hey! You watch ads too whenever you watch tv. If you hate ads so much install Adsblock Plus or get YouTube Red, just remember that your favorite YouTube is making content that you enjoy, the least you could do is watch those ads.

And sadly Youtube have the most traffic, why would I want to share my videos on a site that doesn't have a huge volume, in my case I need both, Spanish and English traffic searching for keywords etc. Thank you for anyone that is able to answer me this!


Good idea robert


absolutely agree, growing too fast can be more dangerous than doing so too slowly.

Dtube looks promising

The promotion for Steem is getting bigger and bigger!

I would hold off for now because dtube is way too buggy

Can anyone steer me in the direction of how to edit videos for dummies? I have a powerful desktop PC running Windows 10 Pro so I think video exiting is within my wheelhouse. I really want to start making videos for DTube because I think this was really needed as I have stated in the past and I think a decentralized video streaming service is really the solution to the Google/YouTube censorship and content creator disincentive they have recently put up. I think with Steemit and DTube we can have a place for Free Speech throughout the World where we can find and communicate with those who we want to minus any illegal stuff like CP which I utterly despise. If the devs could somehow make an Android/Android TV/Roku app I think DTube will really take off and then Apple will have to be next. I can't wait to get in there and hopefully learn how to cut in some videos with my audio over it or something like that. Will DTube eventually support live-streaming because I think this is definitely a trend that is here to stay with Google Hangouts and Facebook live, Periscope and YouTube streaming? Can't wait to see more of DTube. Wish we could have named it with a vote/contest. I would have went for DeSteem.com where you can blow off some Steam in a decentralized format and earn STEEM and reputation points from Upvotes. This may be a great way to get YouTubers over to Steemit. I really hope this is a huge success and props to the creator. You have done what I only wish I could do. How is it being funded now? I would like to throw in some support.


On Udemy you will find many courses on producing video from beginner to advance


On windows I like Camtasia for editing and screen capture recording!


I think the easiest software out there right now is OBS (Open broadcast software). It does screen recording, audio recording, and webcam recording and then you can edit your video within OBS (or you can even edit while you are recording).


You can use power director or Filmora which is so easy and fast for home videos.


For basic video editing, the built in Windows Movie Maker.

Upvoting to fund this project! Thank you, Jerry!


I started to post video in dtube but it has a little corcern about the audio. Is it usually like that? here's my video if you want to see https://steemit.com/dtube/@haleyaerith/uq2vc49e

Sorry just asking. 😊upvoted!

Voted for you as a witness. Thanks for all you do for Steemit Jerry!


Lyndsay thank you very much for voting for me as a witness and commenting here to help me see it!


My Pleasure.

Great video Jerry! I will begin testing now by uploading some of my videos as well! This looks like another amazing opportunity and thank you for sharing this with us! I have upvoted and also re-steemed this post to all of my followers! Thanks again for all of your support!


Not everyone's upvote equals 7 dollars.
Do you think false advertising is gonna work in the long-term?
I don't think so...


You're right the average upvote is a few cents meaning a new user cannot just sign up and vote up $7. Some might be disappointed to discover this. That said, some upvotes are over $100 and anyone investing as much as I have can upvote $7. When the price of Steem goes to $10, a lot of upvotes will be worth $7.

I was so focused on dtube providing content creators freedom from censorship and didn't even realize being ad-free is such a huge plus for community, most of the time I skip ads on YouTube now I don't have to worry about it. To support my favorite channels now I just upvote with my SteemPower!

I can't WAIT to see a comparison on what you earn in 1 week on dtube verse what you earn in 1 YEAR on YouTube :) ...with the same videos ;D Keep it goin...this is huge!!!


At this rate DTube will be bigger than YouTube in a few months! Great video idea!


wow for real? i'd love to see some stats on this!!

"The miracle we've been looking for in online video!" Great quote brotha


Thank you @stealthtrader for noticing :)

What an irony Dtube on youtube :D

Hi everyone !
I just uploaded my first video to dtube, but when i click play on it it actually doesn't play.

Can someone confirm that, please?
Here is the link to it: https://dtube.video/v/tomaszs77/vxhlfpgy

i've seen the same issue on other videos from other users.
Thank you.


it's playing just fine.


Thank you for checking.
I had to wait for it to start playing, not sure why.
it was <60 MB file 720p .

I think there is nothing to worry about just wait a little.
The platform is great anyway.

Wow good idea

hi jerry bro what is the name of your video screen recorder :)


Watched it. and liked it... Loved your work... I liked the collaboration between you and Terry Brock.. 4 hrs back I was watching his 7 tools video where he was mentioning about you and now you are also liking his video.. this is awesome...


@onority thank you for helping me see the effectiveness of doing good collaborations because it is so seductive for me to just sit at home and work alone!


HeY Jerry .. could you evaluate this idea i have ? - )
i believe STEEM has some "built-in" MARKET LEVERAGING "DEVICES" -))
.. how to leverage 'markets' with temporary consensus - ))

love you work Br.OTHER - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )


Jerry you are always welcome... I love your work...and I hope you get more and more seductive to create more... Haha

I upvoted but... i'm not sure that now is a good time to advertise DTube i think is too early


It is! At the same time, today is the best opportunity for new users to get started while the competition is the lowest. As DTube grows, it will be more and more challenging for a new creator to get noticed!


No better TIME to Start then Today. Don't put off 'til tomorrow what can be started today. Go @jerrybanfield !!!

Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool... i wont stop now. You make me crazy to be honest how cool is it? I would like to start making video too.
Any tips? Feel free to share it with me so I can start recording a video

I am in Favor of this GREAT Idea that @jerrybanfield is proposing to expose DTube to the YouTube audience. Anything that makes STEEMIT bigger and Flourish in the Future is positive for everyone that is already here. One Day at a Time Jerry is making STEEMIT the place to be......................................

something is wrong with dtube, I see the thumbnail just of the most upvoted video, and the old video are even not opening (

When I heard of dtube, I thought it was something similar to redtube... haha

Great work man for integrating adsense with dtube

Pretty cool Jerry. I been watching your videos on youtube for a few weeks now and have become very interested on steem. I just went and try Dtube for the first time. I was having some problems watching some videos but it looks promising! Thanks for sharing!

Hey man, from a personal experience I think 30 second adds tend to be the most effective, also the first five 5 seconds are crucial and the "hook" you used may not be the best. Just wanted to give my opinion about the add so you have some feedback when you evaluate it's performance. Cheers


Videos take a while to actually be playable by everyone. After a couple hours its usually fine but before you can expect some loading issues. IPFS is getting overloaded and there isn't many solutions to fix that, apart from getting more people to use IPFS.

I'm thinking about hiding the 'new' videos (or make them display after 1 hour) also.


This would be a great fix! I uploaded the same video twice thinking I screwed it up the first time. Also, if you posted something to the content creator that it wouldn't be up for an hour or 2 or whatever, the content creator won't get freaked out when they don't see their content up immediately. Thank you so much for creating this platform. It will be quite the gem. It's gonna be cool, for you, to know you started this, even if it was built upon another company's idea...isn't that how most things get started? Thanks!!!!!


Hi @heimindanger, None of my videos work :( Maybe it is the subtitles?

why is it my comment end up down the bottom of the page ?

Hi Jerry - I uploaded a video but cant see the video, I only see the thumbnail all the way through when I play it - Can Someone tell me if you see the video or just the thumbnail thank you all click the link - Also is there a way to edit here or delete the video to start again ?

dtube.video/v/super-grand-ad/u7gms1m3#!/v/super-grand-ad/u7gms1m3 -

None of my videos work :( Maybe it is the subtitles?






Yep remove the subtitles, it will work then Im sure

The more YouTube continue to censor content the more Dtube will rise to the top. Simple law of Karma. The morons should learn to stop censoring content.

Dtube will soon take over Facebook and YouTube with the help of steemit. The free-market has indeed spoken.

Hi Jerry - I uploaded a video but cant see the video, I only see the thumbnail all the way through when I play it - Can Someone tell me if you see the video or just the thumbnail thank you all click the link - Also is there a way to edit here or delete the video to start again ?

https://dtube.video/v/super-grand-ad/u7gms1m3#!/v/super-grand-ad/u7gms1m3 -

good news, thank you, upvoted

@jerrybanfield DTube is certainly raising quite a stir here, which is awesome! I have heard quite a few "bug" complaints floating around too though... but I suppose time will iron out all the creases.

I have not tried it myself yet (still trying to get use to putting my face on my headers...lol - that is overwhelming enough for now haha!!)

I think DTube will be hugely successful! - Your personal promotion of the initiative is precisely what team work is all about!

I write a little about my (teeny tiny) team just now too... one of our "team building" adventures together :) Hope you enjoy it Mr. President ;)


Stay awesome :)

Hi, Jerry, I am A S M Sayeam. I like it, This is my first comment. I follow you on all social media, also same goes her. Would you please help me following here @asmsayeam. Thanks

Hey jerry , your Campaigns are great but i see that today some people are having problems with dtube ,
Read and upvote this if possible


I have it too, I'm looking at the codec. It has to be compliant, there is no recoding. Try @bitchute it works because it recodes.

Good I really like your post

I like it but I think is a bit early to talk about it!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing. Amazing earning capabilities. I hope this platform will overcome Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.

Very good video. Thank you for sharing. Some amazing earning capabilities. I hope this free speech platform will overcome youtube, reddit, facebook and Twitter.

Dtube will be huge. Just give it a few months.

Not sure how many people will make the switch. Still too new to tell but I am hopeful that some of the glitches will be worked out with it. Some videos I haven't been able to watch without it freezing in the middle. Thanks for adding more information.

@jerry, hey man thanks. watched it already, nice video!


Do you think you will head over to Dtube or do both (youtube also) after launch?

hai @jerrybanfield . i have watch you and youtube and i like youbso much. am become your fan. i have follow you and upvote you. please help my stemm @abu.amann because i want learn with you 😂

I think the future for them.

Your video can download. Is there any way for protect from downloading?

Great Idea !! I do believe that this is right time to join DTube and promote it, while there are no much content creators at the moment !!

I have not been able to get a video to upload to DTube yet, I get browser memory errors. I am not tech savvy enough to know how to upload it with Torrent as I saw that someone else had posted doing. Does anyone know of a help video or blog that I could look at to see if I can figure out this problem? I did a search last night but didn't find anything useful.


Try Chrome.


I've tried Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Ghost and Opera so apparently it is not the Browser. I have tried two different video formats but I think that I will try another and see if it works.


It's the format. Jerry has a video which is an our long and HD which plays back fine so it's not the filesize or length.


Thanks, I'm going to keep working on it until I get it figured out. I think that I'm going to have to redo the video into an format that is not so compressed.


Or you can check videos which do work on Dtube by

  1. downloading them (right click),
  2. play them back in VLC and
  3. checking media info, cmd+i or ctrl+i I guess for Windows or Linux.

Very interesting post @jerrybanfield. . Thankyou for sharing.

Hello @jerrybanfield i'm posting medical content and i need some support give a look at my blog , thanks in advance

does any one know why the videos i uploaded do not play?


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Thank you...

Is people copyrights and people efforts to get pirated a nice business to advise others to do? Is that ethical?

@jerrybanfield . Would you please check out my video??Would you please give me some feedback and give it an up vote or down vote? Thanks a lot and your feedback would be reaaallyy appreciated as I am a new content creator.

I like this post upload good material to your account you won a follower and an upvote but thanks for uploading this friend, help me with an upvote if you can thanks

This a great idea. Jerry, you constantly amaze me with your incredibly high energy level and your conviction when you believe in something. I think advertising on YouTube as well as traditional Adwords ads would be beneficial. I see from your table that you are also hitting Facebook really hard.

As an Internet Marketer, one of the biggest income producers for me is my mailing list. Have you considered sending the traffic to a landing page and capturing email addresses? This way you would be able to shoot an email out to thousands of subscribers every time you publish a post. It means hundreds of visitors will see posts of your choice just be sending out a simple broadcast.

In this way you would also be able to highlight great content. Think of how much you could help deserving minnows and dolphins if you had the ability to send them thousands of targeted views to their new posts in minutes.

I think that would be really awesome. You might even consider starting your own special Facebook group to share posts on (if you don't already have one).

At any rate, I want to let you know that you are one of the people I really respect and admire here on Steemit (and now DTube). Keep up the great work!

This is awesome :)

Thank you very much, Jerry, for the upvote and the $7! You are wonderful, my friend! Yes, this DTube is a fabulous add-on to Steemit and it is getting better all the time. Looking forward to seeing you again for our next Florida Steemit Meet-Up! Coming soon to a Florida near you! :-)

I got ya Jerry. Just finished watching you on that other site. Learned some valuable information. I'll be checking for you over here and hope to learn some more from you.

Anyone know where Dtube hails from...?
I imagine the systemic legal issues YouTube had and still has to go through with copywrighted content. I hope it won't be Dtube's demise.

Your content always worth watching
Thanks for sharing

I need to start using D-Tube like yesterday!

Does Dtube not work on the IPad? I click on the links and it takes me to a blank page.

Are you connected to the D Tube team? I would love to volunteer my time to maybe creating a killer logo for this new platform that I think is going to explode in popularity. Not that their is anything wrong with the current logo, but I can envision a slightly different version that might look more mainstream.

how will it work and whats the benefit us???

Mantap 👍👍👍👍👍

Sorry bos numpang tenar

I dont disagree with self voting at all, sometimes I do and sometimes I dont, but Im seeing more and more people are just commenting and recommenting, then upvoting their stuff and leaving, without much thought for the posts...
Also, Im sure you have a faster computer so is Dtube glitchy or is it just my pc...
look forward to seeing more of you on Dtube mate


I do upvote my stuff but upvote other people too. I just do it to gain more sbd to put in steempower for now because i just lease sp. I want it to be back more than i spent. Just to gain more.


yup, as long as there is a balance its great I think, especially for us who aim for greater things :)


yeah. Right!

Great post !
Upvoted and resteemed!

Your video is so amazing and new new information on YouTube and steemit thank you
hope to visit it once :) have a great day

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 4 with 667 upvotes
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yet I believe Dtube will change the way we use video browsing now, I hope we will together work hard to make it reliable and available.. I am facing some issues with the site but I hope it will get fixed soon

Check out my take on Dtube at

Thanks for the information Jerry! I have a quick question: I want to stat my Dtube account but I get this message:

"You need to Logout before you can create another account.Please note that Steemit can only register one account per verified user."

Do I need to create a new Steemit Account??? I would like to create a Dtube account using my existing Steemit account.. Would love some guidance


DTube is a Good Platform for Video Uploading but still it need some time. Many People will start spaming on Dtube for Making Money. Just Like my Youtube Earning was Down due to Many peoples start making Non Value Videos.

Given the rapid rate youtube is closing down channels that do not see eye to eye with their policies (read cencorship) this could very well be a better and safer alternative. Like it!

I love the idea behind Dtube but when I go to watch a video there, the video stops loading seconds in and no matter how many times I refresh it the video gets stuck in the same spot every time...meanwhile videos on youtube load just fine. Not sure if it is a browser issue? I'm using Chrome (64-bit Version 60.0.3112.101). Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for information
upvoted and followed you if you like cuteaniamals please follow me

You are the men

you are the best very nice job guy pleaze follow me and upvote

Upvote because of a very nice idea ... BUT ...
please wait. i joined dTube today and i takes minutes to load right now.

Regards to know ya steam friends .. hopefully we can be friends well

I am interested in cryptocurrencies and I am currently trying to understand the steemit not only like a user but also like an investor. I still do not understand how it can be profitable. There are no ads or anything that would monetize attendance. Can someone please explain me how it works? How does Steemit earn?

hi jerry! I am a newbie and thanks to your instructional videos I can use Dtube...had been trying to use the wrong password. Even if my upvotes are worth only a tenth of a cent, you got one, and I support the idea and cause. It is a good one! Steemit and Dtube WILL grow exponentially despite any naysayers. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and all, that's fine, but your idea shall prove itself out, it is a good one! Thank you for your helpful videos, and keep them coming! Rock on!

Thanks Jerry, great to see this all. x

Wow! I just found out about DTube yesterday and me being a content creator on my YouTube channel: DenoxSeries , it's crazy how one like can make someone earn decently good morning depending on the value of the Steem Power they have. I just joined today and hope soon I can make my first post and DTube account for my Gaming related videos, cryptocurrencies and life topics. Keep it up man!

DTube can get very big. Thinking of jumping in :)

can u please help me?

How do I sign up for DTube? Definitely a good platform

Love your enthusiasm... keep it up! I "liked" your video but the pay amount did not change? DEATH TO YOUTUBE

It's good way to start. But my question is the money comes from views or upvotes?

Hey Jerry, I really liked your thoughts and I think we should give DTube some time for improvement.
Best of luck DTube!!!
Check out my thoughts about Bitcoin and other Crypto currency at https://steemit.com/dtube/@amit007/c1p24pr3

Great idea and good initiative to get this going, just used DTube for my first time today and glad to see it getting a campaign for promotion so early.

Can anyone tell me how to decline a payout when uploading a dtube video?

How are you doing Jerry, i made a video showing people how to start up a steemit account and upload on dtube. I referenced you in the video and shared some of your links.

Thanks for information for steem i started with post...

Hi Jerry, How do I find my voting power?

Goodjob,, thanks my friend

Thanks for getting the word out! Keep it up!

good job

What are the benefits of DTube over Youtube?

Awesome to see you Here Jerry. You are savior.

More people, the better... I will be using Dtube for all my videos from now on :)

so like your blog. so every value to me.

teach me something about platform

Honestly the way this video is presented just screams scam XD

Appreciate your posts @jerrybanfield.

I started transferring my video's here too! Thanks so much

Okay I'm ready for this Jerry. Bring this on.


i came to d tube thanks to you !!! please hit me up. i really believe what you are saying!!! please get back to me!!!! @bigchings on steemit

Hey Jerry, I also like the idea, however, I found it a bit confusing on how to locate my posting key from Steemit. I believe there needs to be improvements made to the UX and overall usability for non-sophisticated users.

Also, if you want people to take it seriously, you might want to create video where you're not wearing a goofy hat, just saying ;)