YouTubers Searching for Cryptocurrencies Spending 30 Minutes Watching Ad for Steem!

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YouTubers Searching for Cryptocurrencies Spending 30 Minutes Watching Ad for Steem!.png

Discover how viewers on YouTube searching for cryptocurrencies and related keywords like bitcoin, eos, dash, litecoin, golos, etc. are finding Steem and spending 30+ minutes on average in the United States watching my video ad for Steem shown below!

See the Report First on @dtube!

View the Ad on YouTube!

$0.02 = 30+ Minutes of Watch Time in the USA!

For just $0.02 per view, YouTube is giving us people watching the ads for 30+ minutes! This quick Google Adwords and YouTube advertising tutorial upvoted first exclusively on @dtube shows how it works!

Investing $400+ A Day to Convert YouTubers to Steem!

Using the budget proposal system funding through delegations to my voting bot, we are funding these ads for 20,000+ views per day on YouTube which done consistently over time is likely to bring a lot of new users to Steem and encourage many cryptocurrency traders to grab some before the price explodes with smart media tokens later this year!

Thank you for reading with me and I hope this update is useful!

Jerry Banfield

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If only we had easy-to-enter steem exchange. Now user story is quite a hard if he or she has no crypto in the first place.


We are working on that too!


@Jerrybanfield i better believe you are really working on that. I share same concern here too.


Good to hear that

  ·  2년 전

naaaw, love back!:D

Happy to hear this, good news! :)

Let's grow the community, we need to end Facebook/twitter and all other social media platforms.. Tired of the higher ups getting shitloads of money for content that people do.

Blockchain is the future and STEEMIT IS THE FUTURE! <3

// @sanktnico

I actually found you first on YouTube and learned a lot about Steemit from a few of your videos. Your approach is certainly unique and I always walk away with a new perspective. Keep up the good work!

@jerrybanfield thats great news for us all in this platform! definitelly the interest for steemit is growing and growing... bright future ahead mate!


Im worried about the present. Haha. The future is far away. 😁

Thats great news man. Steem has a very bright future

Jerry, it was your ad that got me started. Now I'm already receiving rewards and loving the Steem user experience. Thank you :)


Bren thank you for letting us know how you got here!

Jerry, with all due respect, you should more specify on the earnings.

@joeparys sister(@sondraparys) spent 16sbd on the bots. So if you advertise, you should mention this too.

Past Payouts $43.01

  • Author $32.44
    (16.22 SBD, 4.12 SP)
  • Curators $10.57

And deduct as well 16SBD that she spent on bots.



Looks like she already tapped out, sent some steem back to joe 6 days ago.

Of course it was useful, thanks for sharing information.

Waow... STEEM is taking over! Crypto-Market-feature.png

Take it or leave it!

always useful post & im in here because of you only by watching your steemit videos on youtube thanku for bringing me to steemit.jerry banfield .it will be great if any of my post gets resteemed by you .thank you

Hi Jerry, i've been watching your video's on youtube for a while now and today i decided to join steem!! wish me luck :)

more and more youtubers are joining just a week ago a famous youtuber furious pete joined steemit and dtube, he has over 4.5 million subscribers on youtube. so i guess the ads are doing their job


this steemit is gonna be huge in future.

Wao...A great news for all the Steemians and all the community , i hope this community will grow to some extent this year...

Good luck to Steem :)

i really like this idea because the incentive is so huge people will see all these content creators hitting these huge numbers they will definitely dive in

I actually think i was one of those that stumbled upon one of these adds when i was browsing youtube.

Steemit, modern social interaction platform that rewards you, value each of our contents and curations, way forward Blockchain

steemit improves the economy, and steemit is at the forefront, thanks to its information distemely.

cryptocurruncy is a best for transfar balance to account
nowdays it is very populer for steemer
carry on

@jerrybanfield Savvy business move plus the fact i believe FB is getting a bit stagnant helps STEEM's cause.
Well done.

thanks to the @jerrybanfield and always shring on youtube, and we do not miss the imformation once again thanks @jerrybanfield

So THIS i call commitment!

Wow this makes alot of sense

More great work Jerry, it's fantastic for us all!

love you, for sharing this post with us. Got so much info. @jerrybanfield

Steemit is diffinately not for idiots its more complex because of the blockchain tech but like everything new it will catch on sonner or later

I need a up vote mypost from you senior

Woow thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield

  ·  2년 전

a very descriptive share thanks to videos thanks

Amazing, what would steemit do without people like you

Just make sure Logan Paul stays where he is :D

Nice one @jerrybanfield. I joined steemit through your enlightenment from Youtube. I added your name in my @introduceyour post. I owe you for bringing me to steemit man.

Your a blessing in this platform Jerry.. I have been learning a lot from your videos. More power to you and your family... Maybe you have to relax a bit and let your throat relax a bit too...hehehe... Thanks again man... YOU ARE THE MAN...

I can imagine dtube taking over YouTube and then new YouTube policy has also disappointed the small youtubers, but the blockchain based social networks are always worth using they give back what you give to the community,I am kind of falling in love with the blockchain.

it's like watching the sun rise in the morning

Your exceptional post is very qualified. happy with your petrified information


Steem is prolly the best crypto right after bitcoin for utility and use case with a real social media built on the block chain it’s awesome

@jerrybanfield Excellent article as usual! Glad to be a new member of this awesome community!

Awesome Jerry. I do hope you get the Steem exchange working with it as well. As usual I upvote your posts. You put alot of time into this community and I appreciate it. i-upvoted-this.jpglogosteem.png

that is great news man.Thanks for sharing.

I love it!

Hi @jerrybanfield, it was your ad on youtube that got me started in this platform. I'm more than a week now sharing good stuffs and curating others work. Thank you for sharing good stuffs man. Keep it up.

I too saw you on you tube. I find you engaging and explain Steem in an accessible manner.
I joined a few days ago and need to devote more time to explore the possibilities of the Steem platform and do as you suggest leave the "cage" and live a life we can love

Hi Jerry! I'm glad to have found you on Steemit. You inspired me to try this. I actually saw this video. Love it!

@jerrybanfield (73) this is the coolest idea for stealth advertising I ever heard of 😎 while videos are being demonetized en mass on YouTube, here is an advertising scheme that promotes their alternative, it's absolutely marvelous🥂🍰🍦 because of this video and you're gungho Style you have captured my vote for Witness 👍🚀🐳