~DIY~ How to make and Eye-Splice using 3-Strand Rope ~ #the5reelgood

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Welcome back to another DIY video done by yours truly. I’m am really disappointed how my last splicing video turned out and I want to make it up to you. I tried to tackle too many different splices at once. Even though a few of them were rather simple, the Eye Splice needs way more time than I gave it. I hope I came make it up to you all in this video. Also a shoutout to @thebigsweed, “Hey, here is the video I told you I was going to do”


So in this video I show my fellow DIY’ers how to slice an Eye in a piece of 3-Strand rope. It’s loke riding a bike, once you have it... you have it. I can probably put an eye in this type of rope in less than 5 minutes. I’m not bragging just telling you that it actually is pretty easy. Once you get the hang of the direction to tuck the strands and just the whole “Over, then under” thing.

I really hope this video can make up for the lack of time I spent on this Splice in my last attempt. Plus the timing worked out perfect for the #the5reelgoodcontest held by @ddaily. So get out there and grab a piece of 3-Strand rope and give it a try. Show me your Eye-Splice in the comments below or if you have any questions I can sure post some pics and illustrations.

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Good morning @splatts. Great video, and I can see a lot of applications for the eye splice. I had a three line nylon rope that I used to make this eye splice. It was a little difficult in that it had no line with markings, making it a little confusing. I did mark one of the strands with a marker and that helped. Another problem was that since the rope is nylon and not as heavy as I would have liked, the nylon started to unravel. Well here is a picture of my first attempt.


I believe that this is correct but the splicing is a little messy.
Headed to Lowes today to pick up a couple of things and I will be picking up some rope that is heavier and has one of the strands marked. I'll send you a pic of the eye splice using the new rope, I do believe I can make a better one.

Thanks my friend


That looks good from my point of view. 😉. The little “bubble” in the one strand is due to pulling it too tight on the first “tuck” that first one just needs to be snugged up. After a few tucks you can pull on the strands a lot harder and tighten it up. Then roll it in your hands to smooth it out.


Thanks for the feedback @jlsplattsI . I will be taking a look at your first video to see the other knots. thanks again.


no problem, let me know if you have any other questions. Hey I got a question? Are you interested in a Columbia REA hat? If you find me on the FFF discord and I we can private message and I can get your address and send you one.


Thanks once again for the offer. Went to the discord channel and I still have no idea how to get in touch with you. They are asking for your number.
Thanks for being so patient @jlsplatts.


Just post something in the general section then we can figure it out.

I thought I read somewhere linemen are only allowed to post video of in line rope splices and eyes out of yacht braid—what’s this nylon, three-wee-wee stuff?


Hey take it easy!! I used to know how to do that big double braided winch line rope. I have a few tow ropes laying around here that I made. I just forgot all the measurements and what not. 1-1/2 double braided.... Man-Rope. Lol

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Your always welcome in my neighborhood. Thanks

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