It’s Cold Outside But The Line Is Still Hot ~ Live at the Scene of a Broken Pole

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It has been sometime now but I’m back!! I’ve been gone for about 10 days, you know busy fishing and enjoying life.... well if you consider prepping for the freezing cold enjoying life then you and I are in the same igloo. This morning it was 18 F... DANG THAT’S COLD!!

I wish I could say I was “Comin’ In Hot” with a new video but it just doesn’t feel right to say that at the moment. So I’m just going to go with this... “It may be cold outside but the Line is still hot” there, I like that one a little more.


So why not come back from a 10 day break and bring you all a video live from the scene of a broken pole? This pole didn’t get hit by anything other than the wind blowing from a non-typical direction. I’m the video I describe a few of the dangers when showing up to a scene like this. Sometimes all it takes is another shift in the wind and that pole could end up over hanging the road waiting for the next semi truck to come by and smash into it.

If any of you come across or see something like this call your local utility ASAP. Keep your distance and make sure no one else attempts to approach the scene either. This pole was literally out in the middle of Nowhere and thanks to a couple phone calls we were able to track is down and get it fixed in just a few hours.


As always Stay Safe and always report downed Powerlines or Poles to your local utility or Emergency response professionals.

Until Next Time...

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Was a nice amount of wind for sure. We had some pretty good gusts up here but I'm sure they were much stronger there. Nothing like an emergency call to get you back in the swing of things ehh? Specially now that we went from the fridge to the freezer...

That pole had to be in pretty bad shape to begin with. I'm surprised that none of the electrical lines didn't snap along with the pole. That's some cold weather, especially with the wind that can be heard in the background of the video.
So how much salmon did you pack away in you're freezer @jlsplatts?


There are a few poles in that section of line that are on the chopping block to be replaced. Actually approximately 1.5 miles of that line is getting rebuilt soon, if we could get an engineer to spit the job out. LOL

I wish I could have stacked some salmon in the freezer. It was a big conservation fishing tournament. I will be posting about it today sometime with the juicy details. 😉