The Monday Night Crypto Session - ClickTrackProfit To The World!

6개월 전

What a week it's been.....!

From the relaunch of @ClickTrackProfit to the launch of the #CTP Tribe and CTP Tokens.....It's been an absolutely blast!

Tonight we go over a few news bits about the relaunch of #CTP as well as the birth of this new tribe on the Steem blockchain. And with it, we hope to form an awesome union between blockchain and affiliate marketing!

We launched two tokens this past week:

  1. CTP (The currency of the community and condenser)


  1. CTPM (The mining token for CTP - On sale now for only 2 Steem!!!)


Also, be sure to check out the condenser where all this awesome stuff is being talked about here:


Like I said.....It's been quite a week :)

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@jongolson, Mining is opportunity brother because this is effective project and now miners are very cheap which gives opportunity to grab in this initial phases. I am really excited brother and good to see that you are adding everything step by step. Have a wonderful time ahead.

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appreciate that. year figured 2 steem was a pretty affordable price for everyone.

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Thank you and that's true.

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Of course, if @jongolson is the best union between blockchain and affiliate marketing, because we are exploring new ways that will further strengthen the project, these contents will help new users know more about This project, has the option of generating profit by being affiliate marketing or through blockchain has to make productive content.


thanks for the support. yeah we’re only about a week in but so far it’s been awesome.

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Thanks for the Monday training session. I learned a lot. Plus I got in a great dig!


Awesome man, glad you enjoyed it :)

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@jongolson Congratulations to you and your entire team of people involved in the process of creating and launching the platform and the two types of investment.

The mining is very interesting, also its value is very accessible, no doubt many people will join him. There is a great expectation in the mining of your product.

I am very happy with what is happening in our blockchain (steem) and the arrival is steem-engine, opened the doors to many creators and investors and hopes for content creators.

I wish everyone the success they deserve

Every single minute of this video is well worth a closer look, that's why I downloaded it @jongolson Sir...