The Road To 300 Steem Power - It's Time! No More Excuses...

11개월 전

Hardfork 21....Old news.

Hardfork 22...Long time ago!

The Boo Boo downtime....In the past!

Here we are....It's officially #NewSteem time.

Dust off your dApps! Fire up your blogs! Let's create something awesome today....

Remember, every week we meet here to give you guys tips and tricks on how to grow your account to 300 Steem Power.

Every comment with get:

Let's bring in the new version of Steem in with a bang :)

It's the blockchain of opportunity...Through community!!!

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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I have been focusing on more passive income, but the curation changes are making me reconsider continuing on with curation -- even though I don't really have the time.

Just gonna have to be more efficient :-)


Apparently, the ROI on curation has been through the roof.

Hum, I take the SBI! Thanks for the giveaway :)


Well, hoping for some questions or comments lol But I'm a man of my word...SBI sent.

OldSteem is sooo August 2019!


LOL So true!!!

If we don't experience new downtimes, I hope that we will see some improvements regarding curating, upvotes and engagement. When the dust settles down, things will come to its place...

And I totally agree with the fact that we are building here something more than a SP... We are building connections, community, friendships...

Thanks for being out there to help small ones to grow!


It's a crazy thought but to me, it's the biggest asset we have going forward...The opportunity is in the community!

Upvoted and resteemed. The amount of energy you put into this project is exhausting. And the manual labor of replying to every comment..... try not have a stroke and pace yourself well.

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Appreciated :)

LOL Nah nah, I love it too much....Sometimes I respond right away....Other times...Like right now, 7 hours later :)

Thanks for a great video @jongolson, maybe I Jinxed it by saying it all went smooth and then we had a real major hiccup lol.

Yeah curation rewards are up, and I think I will lease some more SP going forward, right now I have just leased enough to cover what I delegate, let's rock.

And the IPN for CTP is a really great development, the usability of the CTP token will be so much higher because of it, this is big.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome!


LOL Yeah man....You never know with these things.

But we're super excited for the IPN....Crossing fingers that we can bang it out quick.


That's great I am looking forward to it.

there was no reason for you not to be successful building on this blockchain before the HFs


Agreed. Before was great. After has been great. The future will be great!


Agreed. Before was
Great. After has been great. The
Future will be great!

                 - jongolson

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Just watching your video for the first time and it really engaging.

For me the guys with huge steempower are the one seems to be benefiting from hardfork 22 and some have talking about there reward in curation, to me they are worthy of it because they invested in to see this result but for minnows is guess, it still the same keep on pushing, focus more on niche tribe, build from there and so on...

new steem here we come


Oh no doubt...The larger account CAN benefit a lot from this hardfork...But they need to actually go and curate. Some are taking that initiative for sure. :)

Already got to 300 SP quite a while ago, but every little bit helps.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I resteemed this for you!

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Yeah for sure....Small steps forward start becoming leaps once we get into some good habits!

Such a boss! I had to Resteem this 😎🤑

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LOL Thanks man. Appreciate you!

good to find people who are supportive, thank you. Learning as I go. I can see potential on Steemit, and keen to develop a real audience and at some point income. :)



Thanks very much for the comments.....Yeah if you need help with anything, or have any questions...Drop me a line! Always around to help if needed!


thank you @jongolson for the @steembasicincome inscription


Thank you for the comments and engagement :)


thank you :)

Thank you for the opportunity :)

I am approaching 300 steem, but I am aiming for 3000 :P


Fantastic goal to set!

Jut break it down into smaller chunks....300-500-1000-1500 etc...You'll get there :)

Hi, very newbe on steem, I open Dtube and I found your vid. Sorry if is a stupid question, but why 300 steampower is an important treshold? Thanks


No stupid questions at all :)

It's a target that @NathanMars and I chose months ago...Main reason was that it was achievable by everyone...No matter what they account levels started at.

But as for that specific number, none really...In fact 500 Steem Power might be a better target to go from plankton to minnow :)


Ok understood. Thanks for upvoting my post! I don't quite understand why acifit from mobile doesn't post the pictures. Anyway I'm impressed by the environment of steem, it's like a virtual world in which everything is connected, in fact, as far I understood you can earn steem by posting a vid, then you can buy a card in steemonsters, you can sell card to buy steempower, you can earn by reviewing a restaurant... Such an universe of opportunity!

Keep up the great work, content and motivation Jon!



Thank you sir...Too stubborn not to ;)

Mate true. I haven't run away. I'm building up my content and going to crack on

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That's the best game plan going forward for sure :)

Now we can earn Steem with great dapps like @actifit and @steemmonsters. Much better than when I started here.


Oh that's just the tip of the ice berg....Combine all the tribes on Steem Engine...We're looking really good :)

I'll have to get back to posting. I didn't like all the spam posts but now that they're punished, Steem is interesting again.


Yeah it's going to take some actual effort on the part of creators to attract those curators now :)



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@jongolson, Yes, old is old now and it's time for the #Newsteem and it's about the creation time and exploring the niche time. Keep adding some motivation to this Ecosystem. Stay blessed brother.

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Thanks man. Hold onto those CTPM's too ;) It's going to be a big part of New Steem ;)


Welcome and thank you so much for your kind information. Hoping for the best.

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It's always good to see so much passion in a project... I also took a break from steemit du to I struggled to even reach 50 SP but i'm back with vengeance to try and reach my goals once more and to help my fellow steemtopians is my main goal let's grow steemit platform to the TOP🌏


Great to hear that!

Yeah a lot of people are attracted to the 50-50. I'm cool with it too. I enjoy both creation and curating, so whatever works I'm good with!

Love the new steem 😊

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Agreed. Took me a few days to 'get it' but now I can understand how powerful it CAN become!

So the second week of the new format. Now that I have had some time to think it over I like the new format better than the old format. Now that all is calm with the hard forks it is a great time to get out there and blog and curate some great blog posts.


That's it man...And now with added SteemPower your curation will pay out just like creating...This is why it's so important to stack the SP now!

The neesteem is here. All things havr passed away

Nice initiative, but I am still trying to understand what it is really all about.


It's all about...Community :)

I hope this new steem will help in pushing steem forward


I hope so as well!

Such a nice support....
Greetings form Austria 🇦🇹 👋

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