The Road To 300 Steem Power - How To Get FIRED UP For The Future!

6개월 전

It's time again....

For another Road To 300 Steem Power session!

I'm pretty boring....

I dollar cost average...Everything!

Not only in crypto but all my other investments as well. I'm not smart enough to figure out when to buy and when to sell...So I just cost average my positions...And it works for me!

Same kind of mentality I have here on Steem! Let's accumulate, and grow every single week. Everything else doesn't matter.....

What are your favorite ways to get into something you believe in? Do you go all in? Or take your time?

The newest tribe on Steem is going to be something very special :)

Wanna learn more?

Check us out

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Mannn.....You have no idea LOL

It depends. I generally like to research things before I make a decision. This gives me a chance to potentially stay ahead of any possible pitfalls in the venture. However, sometimes you need to "strike while the iron is hot" and answer quickly when fortune knocks at your door.


great points. very well put. i do like to keep a war chest. just in case there are buying opportunities

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Thanks for good tips and information Jon. I`m a newbie hoping to learn this stuff


Awesome to have you on board :) And welcome again to STEEM and

Steem is growing everyday the price does not matter the less it costs the more you can buy that is the only reason I look at the price. The lower it goes the more I transfer in.


Not a loss until you sell ;)

@jongolson, Good to know about your unique way brother and wish that your way will give more productive results to you.

In my case i try to go with my Intuition because it helps me and with that it gives peace, but once i made a choice then all into it.

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Appreciate the comments man....Yeah I go with my gut feeling the majority of the time. Sometimes it's a win, others it's a loss.


Yes. But without a loss no win, and taste of win is incomplete without a loss or failure.

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Thsnks for sharing this with us, helpfull indeed!


Awesome man, thanks for joining STEEM!

@jongolson. Actually, what i do is to study the situation of things first. After analysing and everything, I strike. I had a sweet experience at the last quarter of 2018 (December to be precise😂). It was Bitcoin cash. It price was way below $90 due to the hard fork. I stroke hard, bought a lot and stashed it somewhere. I didn't even follow it up until last month. I was wowed.

So, to me... I believe critical analysis and risk management always produce great opportunity to profit from whatever we do. #Peace


Oh for sure...You should always take deep looks into what you are going to jump into...I knew the risks with Steem, I just feel it's still the best crypto out there...Cause we can actually use the stuff LOL

Hi friend @jongolson.

Maybe investing some usd in these tokens could give me more utility than just increasing my voting power within the community?

Many expect more than ROI when we make some kind of investment. Access privileges and higher used would be a true Plus.

All best, Piotr.


I think the best part about Steem is that when we invest here, we're investing in people.

I know that sounds all warm and fuzzy, but it's my biggest take away after being here almost 2 years...The people make this place so special!


Actually I agree with you @jongolson

I'm also here, investing my own time and energy into building some solid relationships and to be part of few communities. Something I didn't manage to achieve on any other social media platform so far.

Thx for your comment :)

Great advice about 1 Steem to 1 Steem @jongolson, I do look at the price a bit since I want to know what's going on, but I am more interested in what I can do with my SP to build something great.

My conclusion to why the price is down right now is that when you buy all these new tokens on Steem-engine, you transfer value from Steem to those tokens, the value is still there in the whole Steem ecosystem, but it's diversified among a lot of tokens.

And what that means for me is just that I need to earn those tokens in order to earn from the value of the whole Steem ecosystem.

Stay Awesome!


Yeah I think Steem-Engine came at the perfect time! I know I have been so focused on the projects over there....It's been hard to keep up!


Thanks @jongolson, yeah the fact is that just claiming and staking all these different tokens take like 15 to 20 minutes per day, even if I just do it once, I hope there will be a claim all or something, have an awesome day.

Thanks, for the shoutout.
I am treating STEEM as a long term investment, plus I have met some awesome people on SteemSavvy.


So awesome to hear that man. Thank you for adding a ton of value to our community and our journeys!

Thsnks for sharing this with us, helpfull indeed!


Thanks for the comments and glad to hear it :)


Thank you for your upvote. What content does this SCOT platform share?

I am so new to this whole thing just keep changing my diapers until I grow up and learn how to do some of this whainnnnnnnn


LOL All good man...Welcome to STEEM and to #CTP Talk!

Very helpful


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

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