The Awareness Of Self And Alturism That Comes With Consciousness

5개월 전

Consciousness is everything in life, it's the definition of our total existence and how if affects the way of life we cultivate and Imbibe. In this video I discuss the whole essence of consciousness and how it really becomes the basis of our fears our hopes and this video I talk about this all.

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I agree for the most part about your assessment of "consciousness". BUt also the "sub consciousness" plays a huge part in our lives right down to relationships and personal problems, success, failure etc..etc... It's all tied in together .

Thanks for your excellent post my brother :)


Thanks a million, you're definitely right as well our subconscious is intertwining as well, therefore playing an inevitable role.

well done bro but the audio quality is poor. Try work more on it next thanks. Good luck!


yeah, sure, will work on that.

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It never worked because how many Nigerians have the VP or ready to invest to help other people?


I agree with you, but I can assure you that there are people who still have a serious mind to make progress, let's chat on Whatsapp please.