DTube - Steemit Tips for Newbies & Minnows: Managing your reputation using steemd.com!

4년 전

Ever wonder what that number by your username means? Are you curious about why some people have higher numbers than others? In this Steemit Tips for Newbies & Minnows tutorial video, I go over how to manage your reputation score using steemd.com.

This video tutorial is a follow-up to my videos on @armandocat's Steem browser extension, and @dragosrua's Steem Supply app.

In every Steemit Tips for Newbies & Minnows tutorial video that I do, I give away 0.1 SBD to a random commenter, so make sure to upvote, follow, resteem, and comment!

If you're seeing this post on Steemit first, make sure to click on the picture to view the video.

Thank you for watching,


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Thank you, I was wondering why my "score" in blog tab is different than the one in my wallet.

This is highly appreciated @joshpeterson, thanks for educating we minnows on this subject, this is very much helpful to us.


Hmmmm, inspector genera of minnows (lol....)

hey mate, great video. I have only just joined SteemIt, not sure why I waited years on YT and FB, so not worth it for them just to sell our data. so glad we have this option.

Thank you for helping with mobile DTube stuff. I think that the ability to do things both mobile and computer are a great asset and allow us to create better work flows.

Hey Josh! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. I'm a total noob to DTube. A Member of my Discord server brought it to my attention and I'm pretty excited to jump into the community and share/engage. I'll definitely be going through your other videos. Thanks again!

Thanks for being someone who helps others. :3 I see so many posts like this, and it makes me like the community more and more.

I've been curious about if a new comment gets upvoted on a post that is over a month old, does it earn anything? With Steemit's 7 day window, some don't think it's worth commenting on posts that are older than 7 days.


I don't think it earns anything, but don't quote me on that just yet. But I still comment because I like to interact with the authors and creators. Commenting is still the best way to build connections that can create dividends. If the author of that post may find another way to show their appreciation in the future. :)


I'm wondering the same!

Love this format Thanks for the tips

good explained - thx for this info

Wow this blog is very nice …Impressive!

why can't i resteem?

your post is very useful

Wow... Amazing post for new members like us
Thanks man

Thanks For Ur Information...

Thank you for trying to help,it’s nice to see that we Look for each other :) I just started Dtube so any help is welcome 😁

Thank you very much for your piece of information.

thanks, happy today

Hey buddy, Thats a great tutorial you have shared. But I am still confused about steem, steem dollor and steem power. e.g on a post it shows $0.003 but in wallet it shows $000. it would be great if you can guide.

Thank you for this. Can't believe I haven't been utilizing steemd. Thank you for taking the time to make this for us!

Josh! Son of Peter! If we never meet on Earth, we will raise horns of ale in Valhalla!

Thanks for the tips. One of the things that I had issues with was actually getting my code to work for Dtube. Problem solved when I used a log in through Steemit.

My issue now is only that my links to not seem to be taking for my avatar and slash page image. Please help!

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I am definitely bookmarking this video and doing more research. Thanks for the head's up!

Steemd is my go to app. I like that it's in realtime. Can you do a video about voting for witnesses? And how and why we need to? TIA 😎

Thank Josh...we will be following you and learning more from you! Very helpful. As an artist we are finding it a little scarce to find info for us...do you have any insights here?

Great video. I originally only wanted to know what the reputation number was but you gave above and beyond what I was looking for. Letting us now that focusing on quality seems to be what d tube is all about. weather it's posts or comments. Also the tool and information about what steem is was most appreciated. Definitely thumbs up from me