Day 142 Teaching Kids Programming - Greedy Algorithm to Complete Tasks 贪心算法完成任务


第142天 教娃编程 - 贪心算法完成任务

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Post: Teaching Kids Programming - Greedy Algorithm to Complete Tasks

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hello @justyy I used to have 11,000 delegations, now I will add another 100 to a total of 1,200. Now should I write 1200 here? Is that right?



Yes. if you current delegation is 1100, and you want to delegate 100 more, then put 1200 is correct.

I have been trying for weeks now to figure out how to send my TRX from my Steemit Wallet to Poloniex... or even Vote to earn 8% on Tronlink/Tronscan etc.... ???
I have too many Tronlink wallets and can’t link up the one I need to vote ???

How do you send TRX from Steemit wallet to Poloniex ?

Could I transfer some TRX to you and you could send to my Atomic Wallet ?

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I only transfer TRX to binance and it works fine.


How do I do that ? Just transfer to deepcrypto from my Steemit wallet ?


How do I transfer TRX from my Steemit Wallet to Binance ?


Awesome... that worked... I was able to send sone to Binance and some to Atomic.... now I need to figure out how to stake on Binance to earn more ....