Day 145 Teaching Kids Programming - Converting Spreadsheet Column Titles to Number 表格26进制列字母转换成十进制算法

28일 전

第145天 教娃编程 - 表格26进制列字母转换成十进制算法

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Post: Teaching Kids Programming - Converting Spreadsheet Column Titles to Number

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Would have just loved to learn programming from you. It's never too late for me tho. I can just watch your previous videos from the beginning, and probably start from their.😊

Even if I don't understand much about the language of your country. but i like what you teach
And I put you as a witness. Greetings with what you did.

[WhereIn Android] (

first off let’s talk about the method of teaching. One thing am attracted to is how much you have connected with your student how simple you have made him to follow you during this lesson. I hated learning because of the hostile nature of some of my teachers but look at how easy and the smilling face you give while you teach. bravo!!!