Saturday In A Song || Fly It Or Sail It?


Snippets of my day through decluttering, changing the hood of my car to flying kites.

How's your Saturday going?

Hey, thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciate it.

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LOVE THIS!!!!! What a refreshing take at a "ulog"


Hey @jaynie
Sometimes I just don't feel like talking hahaha
Pictures and videos will just have to tell the story ;p
It makes me happy that you liked it :D

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I hope you do a video in the future flying that last kite - it would be cool to see it "sailing" through the sky! What an awesome way to spend a Saturday, and an even more awesome way to showcase it, @kaerpediem! Hope your Sunday is just as fun!


Will have to wait for a windy day
The haze has kept us indoors quite a bit
But the younger two were so excited with the kite find they insisted on flying them for a bit
I will definitely take that kite and at least one son to fly it .... hahahaha

Thank you @traciyork
So happy you enjoyed the video

I was thinking of doing more of these one day in a song... just got to find good songs that are free to use :)