Officially A Dolphin


And I made it!!! Took me close to 2 years. It took creating, curating, winning contests and buying. But here I am, officially a Dolphin!!

I was working towards hitting this milestone before my 2nd Steemiversary. Then I thought, maybe I can bring it forward some by hitting it before Steem Fest 4.

Then I realised, I could make it by SPUD 7. Then I couldn't wait. I bought some Steem, had enough and I clicked on that Power Up button and here I am.

I have enjoyed the journey so far. It wasn't easy but it was worth it and here I am, happy as a lark... or should I say Happy as a Dolphin! :D

Thank you to soooo many Steemians that have helped me in their own way to get me here. I was going to whip out a list like at the award shows and maybe I still might in another post.

Right now, I am just toooo excited. Hey, thank you for dropping in and celebrating this milestone with me. Truly appreciated.


Thank you for the Music

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Thank youuuuuu 😀

@kaerpediem CONGRATS at making it to Dolphinhood! ((: <3


Thank you so much 😀

Well deserved. You certainly work hard enough 'round here.

wasehhh, congrats!


At long last hahahaha
Thank you @zord189 😀

Congratulations @kaerpediem !!
You did it babe ..

congtrats ^_^


Yes, that's exactly how I was dancing hahaha
That dolphin is adorable ❤️
Thank you Traci

You're doing great work and this is a result of hardwork and dedication. Congratulations to you @kaerpediem
Happy to see you as dolphin. Orca is next.. right?

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Congrats sheela! Good on you for being so active in vlogging too!

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Thank you so much @vincy :)
Felt like forever hahaha

I do enjoy it... more the editing than actually being on camera
But my 4 Lil Stars don't want to entertain Mummy so much... so need to get out of my comfort zone...
And it's not too bad :D

Congrats!! 🙏😍😍😍


Thank you Thank you❤️

Ohhhhhh I missed this announcement hehehe but congratulations!!!!! This is so exciting for you!!!!! And the dolphin hat is so adorable hehehe.

Congrats on a lot of hard work paying off! ❤️


You just made it extra special for me
Thank you so much @dreemsteem ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️