Hazy Crazy Day || Just Stop!!!

28일 전

So the fires are raging in Indonesia. The wind is blowing it over. Schools called parents to bring their kids home ASAP because the levels had hit above 200 API. The Education Minister has called for schools to close for the next couple of days.

So this has been pretty much the scene year in, year out. We know what's going on, and yet... it continues.

So stuck in doors all day. There's only so much TV you can watch, and conversations you can have. So, the next best thing is to let your mind wander. Here's a little something I wrote.

Indoors with masks, alas, don’t ask
Look out, no doubt, no sun, no clouds
It’s here, kids cheer, schools’ out, we tear
Too late, still wait, city state, update

The air, not fair, despair, nightmare
Just chill, downhill, goodwill, until?
Sheepskin, sheep pen, again, til when
The smoke, we choke, we laugh, no joke

Year in, year out, same ol roundabout
Who did, forbid, outbid, powergrid
Not me, it’s he, it’s her, insanity
Year in, year out, just stop, full stop!

Hey, thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciate it.


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Thats really bad weather.


It is!!!
And it is so boring to be stuck at home...
Hopefully it clears up soon

Thank you for dropping in @coolguy222 :)


Yeah. Hope you guys get out of this trouble soon.

Ha ha ha...What was that? Enjoy at home with kids. :)


Was supposed to read it but I was coughing thanks to the haze so went silent movie style hahaha
Happy it made you laugh

The boys are already restless having to stay put indoors
Wrestling each other and driving me up the wall
But I have a plan for them 😉

Haha... Man... Watching that alone I can go coo-coo too.... But the good part is that today it is finally better.
🤞🏻It will stay that way

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Yes, I hear the winds are changing
So goodbye to haze, hello to flash floods 🙄