8 Sleeps To SteemFest || Let's Get Sticky


With just one week away from SteemFest, it's time to get things ready. Initially, I had an idea to get some local titbits for the Attendees, but I guess there are plenty of food exploration one can do in Thailand.

If you are not squeamish, then you have to pop a fried worm or grasshopper in your mouth. Let's not forget the amazing spicy food.

So, I went with something safe as long as you are not averse to sugar ;p. They are really cute and I hope I have enough to pass around.

I will have to still pack these, and you might get a better look at what they are in a couple of videos. In this video, you get to see how these stickies are made.

Hey, thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciated.


Thank you for the Music

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Are people normally bringing stuff to the SteemFest?

I'm going to have to hurry if I'm going to be able to bring some with us. I never thought about this. 😰


Don't be pressured to ;p

My travel mates are bringing buttons and stickers just to pass them around...
Just good will
I just got some sweets for fun

We can take a picture to remember :D


I'm relieved.

Taking a picture is a great idea.

But since I'm a photographer of some Steem fame, I might bring some of my own prints just in case someone wants to get one.


That sounds like a really cool idea :)