10sep19 || Haze Season


Two days off Steem feels like a loooooong time... haha. But that's what I did to focus on decluttering in between the fetching and ferrying of the kids, airport runs and what have you.

With the Haze back in full force, thanks to the fires in Indonesia, our neighbouring country, it looks like it was the best thing to do anyways.

As a semi-hoarder, I am finding it a little tough getting rid of stuff. Some things, I had to do a U-Turn and put them back after being absolutely convinced I was ready to let them go.

Have you ever gone on a Declutter Spree? And if yes, how do you manage it? How do you decide what goes and what stays? Do you use the Konmari Method? Maybe something else? Would love to know :D

I also mention a @derangedvisions challenge I am working on. As promised if you are interested in taking part, find out more here. And now I'm off to more decluttering.

Hey, thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciated.

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Because of haze, I stay indoor all the time and hug my water dearly 🤣


My kitchen is a little al fresco as you can see in the video

But I also find Malaysians have become complacent about it
I remember a couple of years back, everybody would start walking around with masks
Now most just mention how bad it is and continue with life....
Apparently in school today, only 3 kids were wearing the mask. Two of them were mine... 😱

I am brutal when it comes to de-cluttering, but I have to be honest that there are times when I regret it afterward lol I will be like "where that... oh ya, I threw it out... daamn!" lol - but for the most part it is good for the mind and the soul :)


Yes... brutal... I need me some of that!
I have been haggling with myself and dragging this a bit too long
Tomorrow, I am going to just go for it!!
Yes. I. Can!!!

I can imagine looking for stuff or even suddenly needing that something you had not used for years!!! And then bam!!! As soon as you say goodbye... hahaha

I really need to finish this once and for all
Thank you @jaynie for the tip
I will get with "brutal" for the next couple of days 😅


Well, the above mentioned "tomorrow" is now "today" I think... so GOOD LUCK! haha and have fun! :)


Trying to be as brutal as possible
A lot better than the last couple of weeks but still some way to go
Need all the luck hahaha
Thank you @jaynie <33

I have no attachment to physical things, not used in a year... GONE!

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That is my dream!!
But I always wonder what if's....gahhhh
And this grand idea of passing them on to my kids...
The thing is, they are really not sentimental about stuff... all they need is their phone hahaha

Oh well, working on it!!
Thank you @d00k13, will take a page off your book ;)

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Thank you for the support ❤️

So, that's why you were absent. Yeah, finding money is the best thing in decluttering.
You took the right choice of your wedding gown. :)


There's a long story with that too having had a super budget wedding thanks to the 1997 Asian Financial Crash
For now it is safe in it's box, up on the cupboard :D