Out'n'About || The Circus' In Town

2개월 전

The Circus is in town. We were invited for the premiere night. This is an annual affair, and we have had the privilege to experience it over the years.

Of course there are no animals involved. Not anything like the ones I had as a kid. No tigers in cages and elephants on tiny stools.

They are all humans with daredevil talents. I think the ones who do the trapeze and the wheel of death, always get me.

Hope you enjoyed the snippets I shared. Anything more, will need to be experienced like any performance. Nothing like being there in the midst of the action.

Hey, thank you for stepping in and hanging out. Truly appreciated.

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Oh, I always thought Circus have animals. First time I heard about this.


I don't think they Animal Circuses anymore
Or not that I know of
But this one was also pretty cool to experience ;D