Delivering a Portrait after a year


Giving up is not an option in the journey of life. It's always best to give the best one can give to every little thing that can be done. Today marks another memorable day I will never forget in my life. This very portrait of @adedimejilateef that I was able to present to him today is a pencil portrait I made for more than a year ago during my NYSC days. Atimes when I look at the portrait in my room where I hanged it, I always feel discouraged and I ask myself a question of when I am really going to be opportuned to present this portrait to him in person. Ruminating over this, I got several links to get it presented but you know the feelings of artists atimes.... I met @samad_cisse Who really helped me to going a long way in presenting the portrait to him. And in all, @authenticmuy Made it so easy for me to see him with his new movie GBARADA. I am really so speechless honestly as tears 😢 are really flowing in my eyes now for I still can't believe it can be a mission accomplished after a long awaited time. What I will really say to all is that never give up in whatever you do. Just as these great actors and actresses inspires us in their movies, let us key into their words and what they are trying to teach. Before I go, I will like to appreciate everyone for the love and support, I really love you all and I can't replace you..... We will continue to celebrate ourselves in good things.... Amen. I 😍 you all.

@adedimejilateef @authenticmuy @samad_cisse @bimbooshin @sotayogag

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Congrats 💐 bro. NGU ~ Never Give Up is real indeed!


You are so right. Thank you so much I really appreciate

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